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Ich bin am 4.5.1957 geboren, mein Beruf ist Briefträger. Baue schon seit 30 Jahren Modelle und seit 7 Jahren intensive Vorbildgetreue Modelle mt Geschichtlichem Hintergrund. Meine Homepage Adresse: http://www.flieger-hanspeter.ch
Gruss Hanspeter Tschanz aus dem Emmental Schweiz

Oberleutnant Franz Stiegler

Kit: Revell 1:32, Decals Kits World War Birds 1:32 Franz Stigler was born on August 21, 1915 and comes from a Family of Pilots. His father was also a Pilot and observer in the First World War. He began gliding at the Age of 12, became a [...]

F4U-5 Corsair U.S.NAVY

The Chance Vought Corsair was developed in 1938 to the specifications of the U.S. Navy, which wanted a fast single-seat fighter that could take off from an aircraft carrier and which had the most powerful engine on the market at the time [...]

Crash at the Furka Pass Swiss Air Force 27.August 1962

Double training course Fl St 20. Three patrols from Fliegerstaffel 20 had orders to penetrate the Furka over the Gotthard into Upper Valais as part of the maneuvers of the Mountain Army Corps 3 and to attack the troops on the March there [...]

B-17 crash in Schlappintal Klosters Graubünden Switzerland

Here is the Story of tail Gunner Donald Boyle Tail Gunner Donald B. Boyle describes the further course of the Mission: We lost altitude the whole time, and then our two “little friends”, the accompanying Figthers, turned off over the [...]

Major Erich Hartmann Commodore of the German Air Force Fighter Squadron 71 “Richthofen” 1961

The F-86 Sabers were the successors to the U.S. Air Forces legendary P-51 Mustangs and their first jet-powered fighter aircraft. The XP-86 prototype first flew on October 1, 1947. The first production version, the F-86A, was armed with six [...]

Focke Wulf 190 D-9

4./JG 26 "Operation Bodenplatte" 1 January 1945 Pilot: Ogfr. Karl Heinz Braunert The Focke Wulf 190 D-9 only went into Production in August 1944, it's Amazing the dated August 1944 to April 1945 despite poor conditions and [...]

FFA P-16

The first aircraft had its maiden flight in 1955. The aircraft had a Wing design that was revolutionary for the time, with a thin Profile and an unusual combination of high-lift devices such as flaps on the Wing trailing edge, lowerable [...]

Commemoration of 80 years of the B-17

Commemoration of 80 years of the B-17 emergency landing in Utzenstorf on August 17, 2023 See programm

Morane-Saulnier in the Swiss Air Force 1939 – 1959

The Morane-Saulnier, together with the Messerschmitt Bf 109 and the Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-6, formed the backbone of the Swiss fighter Squadrons, especially during the active Service period 1939-1945. They were involved in dogfights mainly [...]

Swiss Mustang J-2064

North American Mustang P-51D J-2064 Training Course Aviator 21 Squadron Dübendorf 1949. Kit 1:48 Hasegawa