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Ich bin am 4.5.1957 geboren, mein Beruf ist Briefträger. Baue schon seit 30 Jahren Modelle und seit 7 Jahren intensive Vorbildgetreue Modelle mt Geschichtlichem Hintergrund. Meine Homepage Adresse:
Gruss Hanspeter Tschanz aus dem Emmental Schweiz

Sq/L Jan Zumbach Pilot RAF 303 Polish Squadron

Jean Zumbach's full name was actually Jan Eugeniusz Ludwig Zumbach, he was born on April 14, 1915 in Ursynów Poland.Combat names: Johnny Brown, Kamikaze Brown was a Polish military pilot, entrepreneur, mercenary and commander-in-chief of the Kat[...]

Junker Ju-52/3 m g 4 e HB-HOS Ju Air

Here you can see the Junkers Ju 52 in original photo at the Hahnweide German Airshow and in a model, and the Ju 52 with livery of the IWC watch Advertising. Kit: Italeri 1:72 Best regards Hans Peter

Deutsche Luftwaffe Focke Wulf 190 D-9 “Dora” Major Gerhard Barkhorn

Major Gerhard Barkhorn cannot quite make friends on his first flights with the Focke Wulf 190 D-9, although it is a praised aircraft by all other pilots and fighter pilots. He said that it would have taken about 50 flight hours to master and ach[...]

Dewoitine D-27 III Swiss Air Force

In use in Switzerland from 1931 to 1944 Flieger Kompanie 2 Kit: Kora Model 1:72 All the best in this time and remains healthy regards Hans Peter

Messerschmitt 109 F-4/Z J-715 Schweizer Flugwaffe

Hello, once again have a Messerschmitt 109 which landed in Switzerland emergency and was thoroughly tested but was never in use. This is a fictional painting. Kit: Trumpeter 1:32 Greetings Hans Peter

Hunter Mk 58 J-4013 GRD Swiss Air Force

The is a Hunter of the Swiss Air Force which was used as a platform for weapons testing. Kit: Revell 1:32 Greetings Hans Peter

Bücker Bü 131 “Jungmann” Schweizer Flugwaffe

Here is a model of ICM 1:32 watching the Swiss missile from World War II with red and white identification. Kind regards

Messerschmitt Bf 109 F4/Z J-716 Schweizer Flugwaffe

Unfortunately, I made a mistake during the construction of the Me 109 F and fixed it and took new pictures. Kit: 132 Trumpeter Best Regards Hans Peter

Papyrus Hunter Mk 58 J-4015 Squadron 15

Papyrus Hunter Mk 58 J-4015 is an Oldi still presented with other Hunter and planes in August in St.Stephan Berner Oberland. (Simmental) Kit:Revell 1:32

Bücker Bü131B Jungmann Swiss Air Force Trainer

Have built a new model and a Bücker Bü131 Jungmann from ICM 1:32 as Training aircraft of the Swiss Air Force 1936-1972 Best regards Hans Peter Tschanz