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Messerschmitt 108B Taifun Swiss Air Force

March 31, 2024 · in Aviation · · 9 · 137

In 1938, the Swiss Air Force was looking for a new Fighter aircraft.

The tests of the Messerschmitt aircraft showed consistently positive results,

after which immediate procurement took place.

In order to be able to immediately retrain the pilots on this new type, there are advance notices

15 Messerschmitt 108 B "Taifun" entered service as training and liaison aircraft. The Messerschmitt 108 B “Taifun” has made an extremely good Name for itself among both flying and ground personnel. In Short, an aircraft Model that, 20 Years later, had not yet been surpassed in terms of flight Performance.

Two Faktors determined the relatively early decommissioning:

  1. Signs of fatigue in the outer third of the wings;

  2. Crankshaft fractures on the Argus As-10 E/3 engines

due to material fatigue after certain operating hours.

Both appearances had to be booked into the “Training” account.

When depreciated, all aircraft had more than 5,000 flight. In Addition to the 15 newly acquired units, three more aircraft were added during the Second World War.

A-216, purchased from Mr. Max Fiedler in Zürich.

A-217 and A-218 landing in Switzerland and internment of the two aircraft. After the end of the war, they were purchased through the Allied Control Commission.

In 1960, the A-208 aircraft was transferred to Prof. Dr. Willi Messerschmitt for exhibition purposes at the BF Museum, Augsburg, Germany. Three further units and two engines were retained for exhibition objects and the remaining material was liquidated.

The A-210 has been in the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne since June 1974.

The A-209 is located in the Flieger und Flab Museum in Dübendorf.

Kit: 1:48 with Decals from Kora

The Kit is an Eduard 1:48, as Eduard already said, Beautiful sprues and the construction plan is clearly laid out and easy to build. Cockpit and engine are easy to do.

I built the Swiss Version as a Model, the model was primed and sprayed gray.

The Neutrality Stripes were sprayed White Red as well as the Crosses, only the Cross on the Rudder was a Decals from the scrapbook.

Afterwards the Decals were applied, they are from Kora.

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