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Retired NYC Police Officer. Retired to Pennsylvania. Always a hot rod buff and builder. Mopar fan since 1975 and owning many muscle cars since. I have restored my 72 Dodge Demon to show quality. Also restored my 1972 Chrysler Sport Satellite 15' runabout boat with it's original Chrysler 55 hp Outboard the same way. Most of my models are all Chrysler products and detailed pretty much to factory stock specs. Awesome projects on this site. I'm gonna love it!

MCW Resin cast bodyReplica of my 1971 Chevrolet Impala CUSTOM Coupe

I love building replicas of cars that I have owned. This was my daily driver back in 1977. MCW makes an awesome resin body, hood, bumpers, hubcaps and full interior of this car. I used an MPC 1976 Caprice as a donor. Painted in [...]

Revell 1/24 Scale 1966 Ford Shelby GT350H

I started this build MANY years ago with gold painted stripes under a clear coat. The Monogram Revell side decals were so bad that I couldn't use them. I contacted Revell two more times complaining that the side stripes went on milky [...]

1968 Oldsmobile 442 Holiday Hardtop

I built this MCW Resin kit using the 1969 442 AMT kit. Beautiful resin casting of this car! I built this a a replica of a former ride I had in 1975. I added a scratch built vinyl top and painted with GM Production color [...]

Revell 32 Street Rod

Since no one made a "RAKED" Chop top resin body for this build, I decided to do my own. Painted in House Of Kolor "Candy Tangerine" with 2K clear and very subtle side ghost flames. Engine is a 3D printed SB Chevy [...]

AMT 1949 Mercury Coupe

I chopped this AMT kit myself and added in the Frenched Tail Lights and Antennas. Painted in House Of Kolor Candy "Brandywine" and a 2K clear coat. And "Yea ... It's got a HEMI"!

Jo-Han 1969 Plymouth Road Runner

This is an original Jo-Han body and hood ONLY. Kit bashed with AMT and Revell "B" Body parts. Vinyl top is scratch built with many other built and re worked parts. Dashboard was completely worked over from the Revell 69 Dodge [...]

Jo-Han 1/25 1969 Plymouth Road Runner A-12 440+6

The only 100% accurate 1969 Plymouth "B" body is from Jo-Han. I was given the body and hood from a good friend. It was a Circle track stock car with big tires. I had to repair the wheel openings back to original. I used the [...]

Modelhaus Resin 1/25 scale 1968 Chevrolet Impala SS 427

My all time favorite big Chevrolet. This kit I had since 1995. Plagued with MANY issues with primer and paint adhesion. Never had any issues with painting Resin casts but this one. Followed all steps in prep +. I finally finished this [...]

Monogram 1/25 scale Darryl Starbird's Ford Thunderbird Concept "Predicta"

Originally built this kit with my Dad back in 1965. Another cool concept. Center console control stick actually operates front wheels in this kit. ALL box stock. Painted in a Chrysler color of "Hot Chili Pepper Red" with 2K [...]

Monogram 1/25 scale 1997 Pontiac "Banshee" Concept

Always thought this car was beautiful concept car. Built box stock. I restored this kit from it's original build. Painted in Vivid Red Lacquer with 2K clear. Novus plastic polish to restore the bubble top.