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Kitty Hawk 1/48 XF5U-1 “Flying Flapjack”

January 30, 2019 · in Aviation · · 13 · 2.6K

I really like modeling propeller driven X-planes. When came out with this 48th scale XF5U-1 “Flying Flapjack” in early 2016, I jumped on it.

I built this straight out of the box as it has everything you need including PE seat harnesses. However the wheels are incorrect based on archival photos of the one and only prototype built, so I replaced them with two pair of UltraCast Corsair/Hellcat wheels. I also attached a pair of antenna towers to the belly and connected them with EZ Line. I did not use the black walkway decals. The only thing that's missing is a pair of tail serial numbers, which these photos reminded me.

A very enjoyable build it turned out to be, not to mention it's another chance to model “wood” propellers. Kitty Hawk did a decent job on the XF5U-1 “Flying Flapjack”. Too bad the real plane never got a taste of the sky as the project was cancelled before it flew. This model looks terrific on the shelf parked next to Sword's yellow “Flying Pancake” V-173.

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  1. great to see eric...very nice

  2. Nice-lookin' build...(especially those props) - !

  3. Always fun to see some of the unusual A/C that never quite made it. Nice job on the Flatjack, especially like the way you painted the props, very nice, very realistic.

  4. I have this kit in the stash and it is a little gem! You did an amazing job on this one. Well done!

  5. Nice work on this Eric.

    One small suggestion I learned the hard way: when you are doing a monochromatic color that is supposed to be somewhat glossy when finished, thin the paint 50-50 and "mist it on." The slightest fakakte (a yiddish word that means what it sounds like) in application of a single glossy color gets magnified about 100x. Learned this from a car guy. They know gloss finishes.

    • Thanks Tom. I wasn't happy with the paint job on this one. You're right, I should have thinned the paint out more - Tamiya acrylic. And there may have been moisture in the air as well as I do my spraying in a garage with the door open. It's always something.

  6. Great looking ... and a very odd aircraft. I wish it had flown, too.

    Well done, Eric!

  7. Eric, Really looks nice, I really like the paint work / finish, and the props really turned out great. This has to be one of my favorite "what were they thinking" designed airplanes, Well done !

  8. Very cool and great looking props.

  9. Very nice. You have to wonder what someone was thinking (or drinking) to come up with that design!

  10. a double IPA perhaps?

  11. Really different. Nice work Eric.

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