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It seems as though I've been modeling forever (beginning in 1956!) and I still love this hobby of ours. My primary interests are in 1/32nd and 1/48th scales, with a distinct slant towards Ost Front Luftwaffe and VVS, although I also have a focus on the 5th Air Force during the Pacific War. There are more than a few jets in the collection as well, although none date past the conflict in SEA.

Review: Further Thoughts About the New Eduard F4F-3

Mostly I tend to work with older kits, usually things that have been sitting in my storage for a while, but every once in a while I'll jump on The Latest and Greatest, whatever that may happen to be at the moment. The new Eduard -3 Wildcat [...]

A Special SpAD

The Tamiya A-1H Skyraider is one of those must-build kits if you have any interest in the Vietnam War and model in 1/48th scale and an example for the collection has been on my personal radar for quite some time but I'd always managed to [...]

This One Fought Back

But not in the way you might think. The model is Dora Wings' 1/48th scale Dewoitine D.510C modeled to represent an airplane in Chinese service against the Japanese during the late 1930s. The kit, which is essentially a high end short-run [...]

A Christmas Present

Last year's Christmas went the usual way around here, with the standard "what would you like for Christmas" being asked by my wife. My normal response is pretty noncommittal, but this time around I had a plan! Tamiya's P-38F/G [...]


Today I'd like to share my 1/48th scale Eduard Yak 3 with the group. The kit is one of that company's older efforts, first appearing in 1998, but it's a well-done if occasionally inaccurate effort that does a credible job of representing [...]

Not an Emil!

The dust has barely settled on my last post (yesterday's Bf109E-7) and I'm already sharing another one, but there's a reason for it! The model is FineMolds' recent Mitsubishi A5M2b "Claude", done with the kit decals in the [...]

I Might Be in a Rut…

Yep; it's me again with yet another 109! This time the object of my affection is the Tamiya kit, done as a Bf109E-7 from 9/JG 27 during the early days of Operation Barbarossa. Unlike the Airfix kit I posted last time around this one has [...]

Unloved and Unwanted

Everybody remembers the 1/48th scale Airfix Bf109E, right? It was one of the earlier products of the New and Improved Airfix and was a greatly anticipated kit prior to its release, but its welcome was fated to be short-lived. The kit was [...]

Somewhat Out of the Norm

The Tamiya family of 1/48th scale FockeWulf 190s have long been pilloried by certain elements of the modeling community as being heavily flawed, to the point where some have even stated that the kits aren't worth building. I've always [...]

Eduard's Iron Dog

Eduard's P-39 family were among the very first of their "serious" kits after they made the leap from nice limited-run models to the big leagues. Although it wasn't quite the quantum leap from Monogram's 1969-vintage Airacobra [...]