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It seems as though I’ve been modeling forever (beginning in 1956!) and I still love this hobby of ours. My primary interests are in 1/32nd and 1/48th scales, with a distinct slant towards Ost Front Luftwaffe and VVS, although I also have a focus on the 5th Air Force during the Pacific War. There are more than a few jets in the collection as well, although none date past the conflict in SEA.

Somewhat Out of the Norm

The Tamiya family of 1/48th scale FockeWulf 190s have long been pilloried by certain elements of the modeling community as being heavily flawed, to the point where some have even stated that the kits aren't worth building. I've always enjoyed th[...]

Eduard’s Iron Dog

Eduard's P-39 family were among the very first of their "serious" kits after they made the leap from nice limited-run models to the big leagues. Although it wasn't quite the quantum leap from Monogram's 1969-vintage Airacobra that we might have [...]

Not An Axis Airplane!

There are great many new and wonderful kits available to us these days, every one of which seems to be a significant improvement on anything that came before, but there are also a great many older kits still available that have stood the test o[...]

That Eduard Emil

This is the Eduard Bf109E, done as an E-7 flown by JG-27 during Operation Marita, the Luftwaffe's foray into the Balkans in support of the ad hoc invasion of those countries by Germany. I built this one for two reasons, the first being that I'd [...]

In Stark Contrast to The Fire Station

The same month I was arguing with that darned fire station I was also building a 1/48th scale FineMolds A5M-4 "Claude" for some much-needed relaxation. Like all recent kits from that manufacturer this one just fell together, needing no filler an[...]

I Didn’t Want to Do It!

But I did it anyway. A highly-valued friend of mine, an individual I've known since 1965, asked me to build a firehouse for another friend's HO layout while our family at his place for dinner one Saturday evening. Truth be known there was no int[...]

Another 109

Here's another 109 for the group's consideration, this time with somewhat normal camouflage and markings. The real airplane was a JG 54 Me109G-6 in winter camouflage serving in the northern sector of the Eastern Front and pretty much a Plain Jan[...]

First Post

Hello to all! Jim Sullivan, a friend of many years, suggested that I join the group, so here I am! I've seen some great things on these electronic pages and hope I can make a contribution; this is my trial run. The model is Hasegawa's now-preh[...]