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I retired in 2018 after thirty-eight years of hard, frustrating labor. Now I can get down to the serious business of whittling down that stash which primarily consists of 1/48 WWII allied aircraft. As you can see from my avatar, I flew the F 106 in a Hawaiian shirt. Seriously, the Kalamazoo Air Zoo has what I gathered to be a familiarization cockpit of an F-106 and an F-16. I had to drop both legs into the F-106 at the same time because it is a tight fit. All the instruments and electronics leave just enough room. Interestingly, for me anyway, there is the black vertical divider splitting the left and right sides under the windshield. The museum also has both an SR-71B a Curtis P-55, and an SBD Dauntless on loan from the NASM.

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