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Throwback Thursday: OS2N-1

January 7, 2021 · in Aviation · · 11 · 2.5K

Monogram OS2U converted to an N-1 by saying N instead of U. It might be more complicated then that, but yolo.

The Naval Aircraft Factory took on building Kingfishers after was told to focus on Corsairs in '42. This one served with Scouting Squadron 50 up in Kodiak, Alaska, 1943. It is the old Monogram kit, as it's the only ballgame in town. The is one of my favorite aircraft, but the old kit has issues. Mostly the floats, which I heard has shape issues. There is a Lone Star (?) correction set for it, but for a bargain bin model I wanted to go simple.

The simple option is in the model itself; they give you a landing gear option. Lop off the floats, peg the wings where the outriggers would be, close the canopies because the cockpit is meh, and you got yourself a looker.

I also explicitly try to build off of photos. Not just for reference and accuracy, but for inspiration. Number 16 has a standard camo job, but the photo could make for interesting vignette possibility. It has depth charges on its wing points and it is also weighed down from the harsh arctic winds by drums full of water tied to its wingtips. Maybe someday I will go back and add them. For now, this model was finished in 2013, and I have many other projects I want to focus on. As in a looming stash threatening to fall on me and life is finite.

Thanks for looking.

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  1. Very nice job on an old kit. Looks like an interesting book

  2. Kyle, looks great! Love seeing the Kingfisher with some land-legs. The monogram kits is great with only a little bit of work, as you've shown.

  3. I love it, Kyle! And the wheeled option makes it very interesting.
    Happy New year!

  4. Very nice build, Kyle.
    Not so often seen variant, but it looks great.

  5. Nice Work on that your Kingfisher. I really like the plane also, and actually have three of the old Monogram kits, but will never build them mainly because I just don't like the kit, and I am a Monogram diehard. I applaud the fine work and agree it could be a part of a very interesting vignette. That is a great picture you have to draw from.

  6. Lone Star conversion includes resin cockpit. The float is the right size (kit float too small).

    Nice work on this old chestnut, Kyle.

  7. Sharp work Kyle!

  8. Nice work, Kyle.

  9. Excellent shading on the blues. Great photography too. 🙂

  10. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    This is a very seldom seen Kingfisher ( wheeled version ) Kyle.
    Not only is it a Monogram classic, you gave it a rare visual stance to it, giving it more interest.
    Very well done work, the weathering and total finish are very well done.
    Thank you for sharing these images.

  11. Great job on the old Monogram standby. I also love the shading of the blue, and like seeing the wheeled version for a change.

    When I was doing research on dive bombing, I ran across a video on youtube of an old WWII training film. They were using a wheeled OS2U to demonstrate the tactics of dive-bombing! I was surprised that an aircraft like the Kingfisher could do a 70 degree dive, over and over again without any issues. I wonder if that is how they would attack a submarine with those bombs under the wings?

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