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UFO Interceptor

December 31, 2021 · in Sci-fi · · 11 · 1.4K

With the weather here being so bad and SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed) banning any plastic modelling in the house, I decided to do something completely different.

I've never modelled using card kits before so I decided to have a go at one. All it needed was scissors, PVA glue (in this case I used Bostik glue as it is thicker and dries more quickly than woodworking PVA) a cutting mat and scalpel.

As a child I always loved the Jerry and Sylvia Anderson TV series . It was their first series to use actors instead of puppets. Having been fascinated by the Apollo programme and being woken up to see the televised moon landing, the theory that we would have a manned base on the moon by 1980 seemed very real. Combined with the growing interest in UFO's, the basis for the TV series seemed all too real.

The kit itself is cleanly printed and looks good on the sheets. There is even a clear one should you decide to display the cockpit! The only thing that is a down side is that the kit does not come with any instructions! A link is given to a website which has a series of pictures and some (poorly worded) description, which makes building the kit far easier! I can understand why they have taken this approach as the instructions come to about 60 pages if you try printing them off!

Anyway, this is my process so far, it is fun, but also challenging. It's also teaching me some new techniques, always a good thing

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  1. I made some paperkits of ships about 50 years ago, but have a few newer ones in my stash.
    To avoid the ban of plastic-modelling, you could also make a resin-kit 😉

  2. Awsome way to get around the plastic ban! HNY!

  3. Perfect solution to still be able to do some modelling, Ian @ianfoulk96
    Looks nice.

  4. Looking really superb, Ian!
    Happy new year!

  5. Thanks to you all for your kind comments. Moving forward slowly, but moving ahead none the less

  6. Wow Ian - this is really great well done - looks good and nice to do indoors and still have something built that looks awesome.

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