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Greetings all.

Like most people I started modelling when I was a kid, though admittedly it was more my Grandad building the kits whilst I watched, or him helping me greatly when I got a bit older and able to use a knife safely. Most of these kits took an accidental crash landing whilst playing with them. Growing up I tried a couple of times to get back into the hobby I loved as a kid but each time I gave up due to issues, mostly due to lack of knowledge.

After my Grandad passed I found a framed box art in his loft of a Hasegawa F4U-4, Corsair's were his favourite plane and I have many memories of things to do with Corsairs growing up. This lead to me buying the same kit and trying to build it as a memoriam of sorts, despite the mistakes and issues I had an absolute blast and with the ability to find so much online I had a miles better attempt than anything I tried as a teenager. I then immediately bought a second kit, a Revell F-105 which very nearly made me quit the hobby out of frustration as I had both bought a fairly poor kit and also bit off more than I could chew, but over the span of the year I had an on-off attempt at finishing it and when I eventually did I decided that I should try again with something a bit easier and got an Airfix Spitfire. I really enjoyed this kit, so much so I bought an airbrush halfway through and never finished it because I wasn't sure whether to airbrush finish it or continue brush painting it.

Since then I've fell in love with the hobby, I started an Instagram account @scalerambush where I got more and more confident in my builds and sharing them, and nowadays modelmaking is my main hobby with lockdown providing a huge amount of time to sink into it. Since getting the airbrush in 2019 I've built 21 out of my 23 models, 13 of which being built in 2020 alone due to amount of free time I had, all of them being in 1/48 scale. I've also dabbled in miniature painting and built a couple 1/144 kits as side projects.

I mostly build WWII aviation, my main goal is to build a 1/48 representatation of every Corsair variant but this is a very long term goal. I generally prefer building aircraft wheels up which often requires modifications to the kit, aircraft were designed to fly so I just think they look better that way.

A few things:

I prefer building in pairs as it let's me bounce between projects when stuck in a bad point. Often times even building the same kit, but at different points, can eliminate some of the frustrations. After all this is a hobby not a job and as such pushing against a brick wall of troubles is required at times, but sometimes moving onto another kit and having a break for a day or two prevents the struggle from being as bad.

My to-do list is mostly Corsairs, but my stash is growing a bit larger than I'd like so I'm clearing through it slowly before I add a few more Corsairs to it.

Tamiya P-47D-11-RE, 1/48. 'The Razorback over Normandy'.

Personally, I'm a razorback fan over the bubbletop, and when I think razorback I can't help but think D-Day stripes which really narrowed down the sort of scheme I wanted to do for the build. The Kit This kit is the Tamiya's offering [...]

Tamiya P-51D Mustang, 1/48. 'The Red Tails'.

A Mustang was an aircraft missing from my collection until a few months ago. I decided to go with Tamiya's rendition of the Mustang over Eduard's more detailed version as at the time I fancied a quick and simple build to get the creative [...]

Eduard Fokker Dr.I, 1/48. Udet's Striped Triplane.

Last year I built a Fokker D.VII, and towards the end of that build I started up on this Fokker Dr.I before putting it down, but I felt the motivation to put some work into it a few weeks ago and got to work! This is Eduard's Fokker Dr.I, [...]

Zoukei-Mura Kyushu J7W1 Shinden, 1/48. The 'Magnificent Lightning'.

There are many aircraft out there that subscribe to the 'What If?' idea, but none I find as interesting as the Shinden. Ever since I discovered this machine as a kid it's been one of my favourites, so Zoukei Mura's offering of the aircraft [...]

Tamiya F4U-1A, 1/48. Two Planes in One.

The final aircraft from the Corsair trio build is one that represents the 3rd largest operator of the Corsair, the Royal New Zealand Air Force whom operated the type from land bases in 1944/45. Background In 1942 the RNZAF began to [...]

Tamiya F4U-1C, 1/48. The Sky Pirates.

Background One omission from the plethora of Corsair models out there is the F4U-1C, in fact there isn't even a company that offers a resin conversion set for this type. Not wanting to miss out on the only -1 variant I haven't yet built [...]

Tamiya F4U-1A Corsair, 1/48. Ira Kepford's Jolly Roger.

Background I've always loved the Corsair, particularly the mid-war four-tone scheme, and last year I built my first one which was Tom Blackburn's 'Big Hog'. A year later I wanted to do a new Corsair because I felt my skills had improved [...]

Tamiya F-14B, 1/48. The Jolly Rogers.

The need for speed finally hit me and I decided to work on jet subject, today its the Tamiya F-14A kit modified into an F-14B of sorts. As far as I'm concerned this is among the best kits out there in the world of modelling, great details, [...]

Tamiya F4U-1A Corsair, 1/48. The Big Hog.

I thought I'd finally get around to posting this Corsair I built last year, making it so all my Corsairs are uploaded here in one form or another. This model in particular taught me a lot and I am planning on basically remaking it (but as [...]

Finemolds Savoia S.21F & Curtiss R3C-0, 1/48. The Porco Rosso Pair.

The Savoia S.21F and Curtiss R3C-0 were two models I completed at the end of the first UK lockdown last year and shine brightly against the normal camouflaged warbird I make, both aircraft come from the brilliant animated movie 'Porco [...]