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Unfortunately life has taken away a lot of the time I have for modelling but I'm still here trying to slowly chip away at projects. In the week I learn how to fix the real things and then at the weekends I try put the plastic versions together. Hoping to get a collection of Corsairs done, representing one from each nation that used it as well as each version available to build.

Review: Magic Factory F4U-1 & F4U-1A Corsair, 1/48. 'A New Line of Plastic Corsairs on the Horizon'

I recently got round to finishing these pair of Corsairs from Magic Factory's new tooled set, this set is a dual-combo build of an F4U-1A and an F4U-2 Nightfighter but with minimal effort the -2 can be reverted to a -1 which is what I've [...]

Eduard FM-2 Wildcat, 1/48, 'The Wilder Wildcat'

When Eduard released their first F4F-3 Wildcat I bought it straight away and love the model they provided, a great little kit with amazing details and a pain-free good fitting build process. We knew they were planning on doing a whole line [...]

Eduard Tempest T.T.Mk.5, 1/48, 'A Jet Age Training Aide'

A long time ago I completed a dual build of Eduard's Royal Class Tempest Mk.V set, it was among the first airbrushed models I did and I was very proud of the jump in quality between those Tempests and the builds prior. That set, like all [...]

Airfix Defiant Mk.I, 1/48. 'The Daytime Daffy'

This 'Daffy' was built during a quick break during training, I didn't have anything in the stash that I thought would be a quick build so I ended up going to the only model shop left in my area and picking this guy up, and then later [...]

Beacon Models Spitfire Mk.I and Bf109E, 1/144. The New Company on the Block.

A while ago Beacon Models started a kickstarter followed by a pre-order for a pair of iconic Battle of Britain aircraft. Now, they're finally here! For a debut kit from a new company I'm very impressed. The kit comes with two sprues, one [...]

Eduard P-39N Airacobra, 1/48. 'Lend-lease Ace Maker'.

I got this kit to be a bit of a quicker build and recover some mojo, and it's generally been a fun build. Whilst the kit is for American P-39Qs, the Eduard set comes with the parts for any of the versions. Foxbot and Montex was used to [...]

Tamiya N1K1 Kyofu / 'Rex', 'Japan's Purpose-Built Floatplane Fighter'

I've built a lot of clean models this year, and what better excuse to make a beaten up bird than a Japanese subject? I ordered this while waiting for some supplies for other projects to arrive and have had fun beating up this big 1/48 [...]

Special Hobby F2G-1, 1/48. 'Fly Fast, Turn Left'

Another Corsair for the collection, this Special Hobby kit was bought around 2 years ago and when I opened the box I immediately realised I wasn't ready for this sort of built and left it in the pile. This is Special Hobby's rendition of [...]

Eduard F4F-3 Wildcat, 1/48. 'The Navy's First Ace'

Following Eduard's amazing 2022 new tooling of the infamous A6M2, I eagerly looked forward to their rendition of the Wildcat and this kit certainly doesn't disappoint. Unsurprisingly the first Wildcat Eduard releases is the F4F-3, [...]

Eduard Bf 109E-4, 1/48. 'Emil Over Britain'.

With two Bf 109 kits, I knew one would have to have the classic yellow nose. I also wanted to try the dreaded mottling that made Luftwaffe aircraft so off-putting. Two birds, one stone I thought. This Bf 109E-4 is supposed WNr. 3709, [...]