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ZVEDA's 1/144 Scale Boeing 787.8 DREAMLINER Part 3.

October 27, 2019 · in Aviation · · 2 · 1.2K

I'm ready to paint the model, but I must double check some of the basics to building a quality model. These basics are: "find and fix" seams, gaps, sink marks, panel lines and most important is "Alinement." I attach some round wooden rods to all 3 landing gear sockets and make sure the main gear rods are the same length. I use my 6"/150mm plastic ruler and take my mesurements and as you can see in the first two photos I'm right on with the tail plane alignment. What good is it to paint up a fancy model or any model and mess up on the basic's.

My "3M Fine Line" masking tape is sold @"NAPA" Auto Parts here in America and you can buy it on line @ USD$7.00 a roll. The price vary's on 3M's sandpaper. I also use houshold painter's tape that I buy at "Walmart."

As mentioned before I only use superglue to bond all my parts together and fill gaps and seams. And 95% of the time I use "Future Floor Wax" to attach the windscreen's/canopy's to my models.

My Tamiya paint mix is always 4-Parts Denatured Alcohol to one part paint, sprayed at 15/20 psi in my 3 Badger-200 airbrushes. My paint booth is always out in the "open" garage and/or on the patio deck.

Did you see my paint mistake? Look at the front of the real airliner, then at the nose area on the model! There is no paint on the nose gear doors! However I saw the mistake and painted the door's and applied the I did not take another photo.



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  1. I'm glad to see you back in action. You are a true artist.

  2. Maybe a "True Artist" as I made one mistake on the model and one in the story.

    Look at the real side view image of the Dreamliner and you will see that the nose gear door's are painted dark blue with a number on them, while the door's on the model are white. "Remember the Basic's!" I painted it later, but never took another photo of it.

    The 2nd mistake is: I spelled the name wrong which is: "ZVEZDA." I wrote down "ZEVDA."...rjw.

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