Uhhhh…tap tap tap, this thing on? I’m “Cricket”, I live in the Secret Bat Cave, somewhere in western Tennessee USA! I am a recently retired firefighter and was also the office manager for our department. I am also a certified watchmaker, but haven’t practiced in a long time. Watch tools are very handy for building models. 🙂 Now that I have way TOO much time on my hands I am back into full swing modeling.

I have been building models on and off since the 60’s (guess that dates me) :). I stopped for a few decades and redound the hobby about 20 years ago. I never did any quality models just threw them together. About 2 years ago I got into the hobby hot and heavy once again. I am a Tamiya junkie and poster child. I am not a pro builder i do it for fun. I am terrible with an airbrush and use mostly Tamiya rattle cans. I am happy to have found this forum!