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Horse Drawn Hearse

May 19, 2024 · in Uncategorized · 16 · 207

Some months ago I published an article on my Hearse build, but apparently last night someone took offense at its historical inaccuracy. I explained to the “gentleman” I build for fun. He proceeded with more of a tirade on how the wheels should have been built. I enjoyed the build and I won’t put up with this kind of negativity. I’m not a “rivet counter” and never pretended to be. I deleted the headline and muted the offended “person”. This is the second time someone had been rude to me on iModeler.

If you don’t like my work feel free NOT to comment or better yet I simply wont post anymore.…clearly there is no oversight on this forum…thats sad


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  1. Its a pity you have to put up with that sort of BS Cricket, but those folk are in the minority so do not stop posting your work because the rest of us appreciate the time and skill required to do what you do. I personally love the detail you put into your models and would very much like to see more photos of the hearse.

  2. Got to agree, some people can't wait to be seen to be cleverer than the rest of us...just ignore it.

  3. I see this sort of thing in many forums, and hear about it from video producers. Unfortunately, it is a side effect of the availability and access provided by the Internet. People need to remember that this is a hobby and we all build for our own pleasure. We all make compromises and take artistic liberties as we feel are necessary. If someone doesn't like it, then they should stop "buying from that store" and find a like minded forum to whine in.

    So Cricket, please ignore the negativity and continue to share your work. We would all be poorer if you did not.

  4. Wow. Shocks the c**p out of me. All the years I have been on here and I have never seen ONE incident of nastiness. One of the reasons I am such a big fan of this place. Probably the lack of oversight is due to that rarity of it being needed. Other forums have a constant need for members to be told to act like adults and the moderators are very busy.
    I must recommend you keep on putting up your work here for the appreciative adults to see. Both of us will lose if you don't.

  5. What all above Fine People said, my friend @bikequeen.
    Keep posting!
    We love!

  6. Life is short..mute the jerks

  7. I have encountered trolls like this unfortunately. Best way to deal: just picture these adults still living with their parents trolling away in mother's basement.

  8. Keep on doing your thing the way you like it and ignore the jerks.

  9. Don't bother about the remarks of those rude people, Cricket @bikequeen
    Just enjoy the building process and the positive feedback you get.

  10. Very sad we have put up with folks like that. You made beautiful build and don't let the negativity stop you!

  11. Do you pay attention to what Life's Losers say to you in the "real" world? You can pay even less attention to the ten-thumbed droolers on the internet.

    Pay attention to the fact all the people here who you respect for their work respect you for yours. All your models look interesting, and since most of them are things I'd never do (just because they're not my "thing) makes them even more interesting to look at and enjoy.

    So stick around, Cricket. There's an old joke a Native American friend told me: one day a woman was in the stream, catching crawdads and tossing them in a bucket. A passer-by noticed the bucket had no lid, and inqjuired how she kept the crawdads in the bucket. She replied, "Oh, I only catch Red crawdads. If one of them tries to get out, the rest will be sure to pull him back down." The internet can be like that too.

  12. Awful that someone was so rude and critical of your work, @bikequeen Everything you’ve posted seems top notch to me. I wouldn’t quit imodeler because of that dolt. I’ve seen uncalled for remarks before on here, but not very often.

  13. Very appalling and I feel sorry for you having someones vitriol aimed at you. Everyone here has said what we “the heart” of this forum is—build what you want and share what you want. If it doesn’t strike your fancy, move on.

    Be proud or your work. We like having you as part of this hobby that brings us joy.

  14. Your work is inspirational. Don't pay attention to negative commemts. I like to learn from constructive criticism. However, there are always limits and that person crossed the line. You build for your own pleasure.

  15. Cricket, you've handled this with straight forward, simple, tact...well done.
    It's a hobby...that's all. It's each our own.
    Love your work!
    And as always...KEEP IT FUN!

  16. Thank you everyone! Way too numerous to write to all of you. I had no intention of leaving but people like the other night are the biggest reason I dont do social media …..i was reluctant to join iModeler for this reason but found a good home here.

    I just had to vent

    Thank you all for your comments and support

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