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Kawasaki Ninja ZX-RR 1/12thkit #14109

I didn't except much from this kit as I thought it was an older kit (2007). I added Tamiya Detail Up forks #12619 and Top Studio #Md29005 detail set.

I was at first unimpressed with Top Studio set but as I began to work with it it proved very detailed and at times demanding.

I don't want to bomb the headlines with tons of photos so you can see progress shots of the build here

The details were really great with the add on parts. This is my 4th or 5th and I am starting to really appreciate the .

Here is some history of the bike, copied from the instructions that came with the model.

In the late 1970s, Kawasaki motorcycles dominated the 250cc and 350cc classes of Grand Prix motorcycle racing. The introduction, in 1980, of the KR500 GP racer, which featured a revolutionary monocoque frame, secured the company's spot as the center of attention in the motorcycle racing world. However, Kawasaki withdrew from international Grand Prix cycle racing in 1982, and would remain absent for 20 years.

The final round of MotoGP in 2002 saw the long-awaited return of a lime green bike to the racing circuit, and Kawasaki has participated fully since 2003. The incorporates a wealth of know-how gained on the World Superbike circuit and features an inline 4-cylinder 990cc engine and Bridgestone tires. In 2004, Japanese rider Shinya Nakano joined Kawasaki, which was in the process of dramatically improving its racing technology.

These developments bore fruit when Nakano took 3rd place in Round 12 Japan GP. In 2005, a number of upgrades were made to the engine, including electronically-controlled gasoline injection and unequally-spaced combustion. In 2006 the ZX-RR was completely re-engineered, from engine to frame, to prepare it for the switch to 800cc racing in 2007.

Engine placement was revised to allow lowered center of gravity and weight concentration. The frame and swing arm were given upgraded durability, while braking stability and cornering speed were also improved.

Team Kawasaki riders S. Nakano and Randy De Puniet of France exhibited great potential throughout the 2006 season. Nakano finished the opening race in 7th place, and almost won pole position at Round 5 France GP, finally winning a podium spot with his 2nd place finish at Round 8 Netherlands.

This kit was a joy to build and improved my micro detailing. Some of the detail shots in the thumbnails below

Enjoy and view more of my bikes on the motorcycle group of iModeler.

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25 responses

  1. "Nice bike" Cricket (@bikequeen) 🙂

    I know jack about bikes and bike model kits but your end result looks fantastic. Well done 😀

  2. The first time I had interaction with a lime green Kwak, was when a buddy of mine asked me to strip and rebuild his KX125. That was back in 86, I think? That thing tore up the mud, and looked like a diamond! Not bad, for a young man, with no internet and limited tools. Pulling out and pressing in the new bearings, took up most of my time. Especially when I only had a bottle jack!

    But that's a lovely representation, of something that I could only ever see in a magazine! Excellent work, Cricket, and thanks for an awesome flashback in my life.

  3. I love Kawasakis, Cricket @bikequeen, and this one is as good as it gets.

  4. Wow, Cricket (@bikequeen). Another great-looking bike in some really amazing colors.

  5. You can't kid me, Cricket - that's a real one!

    Great work and super result.

  6. Fooled me again, Cricket. I thought it was real too!

  7. Stunning result. Looks as real as any I’ve seen

  8. The CF a display base really lets it pop

  9. Fantastic job, awesome result and a really great build thread, Cricket!
    Keep them coming!

  10. Impressive work, Cricket @bikequeen
    It surely looks like to be a showroom bike, very realistic.
    Good idea to leave off the fairing so you can enjoy all those detailes.

  11. Great looking bike! @bikequeen

  12. A beautiful job of fine detailing Cricket, it looks so real. As they say "Go like the Kwakas "

  13. I agree, your kawi is hot. What is the scale? Racers always look authentic when you give the rubber the "ridden" look. Beautiful. I did one years ago, besides sanding the tread, I gave it some very minor "bug splat and "layed it down" scuffs on the peg tips, fairing.

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