I'm 62, and I'm Portuguese. Worked as a teacher (teaching French) for most of my adult professional life, now "retired" (not really, but that's as if) .
It's been a few decades that I've been away from this hobby, trying to slowly make a come back, as I do have quite a few kits that I've never had the opportunity to build (as many others on this hobby, I also used to have a tendency to "accumulate stuff", some of which are still there), still in their original boxes, and as I do have a lot of free time now, and the "addiction" never really died, I'm slowyly coming back.
In the old days I've mainly been focused on aircraft (especially WWII fighters, but also a few others from different time periods), but have also done other things, for instance 1/35 WWII vehicles and personnel. This lead to later focusing on dioramas from that time period. A couple survived a few house movings, sadly most have been totally ruined. Have also done the occasional 1/24 old car (both metal and plastic), a couple of motorcycles, even a couple of old sailing ships.
Still have a few of these in their original boxes.
At some point have also done a few Verlinden figures (120mm, one 200mm) and still have a few on their original boxes as well.

So no need to buy more kits right now, as all these I have will keep me busy for quite some time, but obviously will have to buy some new paints and brushes and putty and thinners, that kind of stuff...