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SMC 2018

October 28, 2018 · in Show Reports · · 13 · 2.7K

Link for plenty of pics from the () 2018, that took place in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, on October 20 & 21, 2018:




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  1. That figure looks familiar...

  2. Fantastic piece of work right there...and thanks for sharin' 'em all. 🙂

  3. Thanks Dolf for providing such an inspirational link. The dioramas are of exceedingly high quality.

    My favourite, though not the best looking, is 'Duel in the Mist'; only because I can relate to it. It stirs me emotionally more than the others.

  4. Hi Peter (@tecko)

    Yes, there's a lot for every kind of modeling!

    I haven't finished watching all 1306 pics yet (made a pause on 1000, will watch the others later) . I remember seeing a dio entitled "Duel in the Mist", but can't remember which one it is. By the number of the pic, if you have bookmarked it, or if you remember, it would be easier to find it.

    I've bookmarked a few pics, but on the Figures & Busts part, including some where there are some Busts I intend to paint (Lawrence of Arabia being just one of them) .



  5. Dolf, did not realize there were so many photographs. Will bookmark for later perusal.
    So, my favourite so far is:

    PS. If you look at it from a distance, the diorama looks like some mountain ogre.

  6. Got it Peter (@tecko) !

    Yes, I saw that one before, it's a very well conceived dio indeed!

    And yes, 1306 pics it's not something one can see in the blink of an eye, it takes some time. Especially because for some pics, at least for me, I take some time looking at them, for better appreciating the beauty, and maybe get some inspiration 😉



  7. Of course the front page picture captured my attention, but as far as the models are concerned on this expo, this really is impressive work by many modelers. I always had great respect for the Dutch, my Northern neighbors, but since this morning even more so...

    Thanks so much for posting!

  8. Michel (@michel-verschuere)

    Yes, the organization looks great indeed.
    Now I don't know which percentage of Dutch modelers were present, probably the majority but there are many other modelers from many other nationalities (I could even find some labels written in Portuguese, meaning highly likely some Portuguese modeler(s) ).
    And I know from other Forums that there are British, French, Belgians, Italians, Spanish, even from Ukraine and Russia 😉
    So it's a multi-national impressive work indeed.



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