My first models come mid 1980s - ZTS Plastyk kits such as PZL-37 Łoś, or Jak-1M... now this is badged 'vintage modelling'. There was quite a few card models on the way too. 90% of the subjects were airplanes. In 1990s mainstream plastic manufacturers began to be widely available here in Poland and I went with the flow, again focusing my efforts on aviation. After 2001 there was a break form hobby which apparently is mandatory to every modeller at some point. I was back at the bench in 2008. This time the subjects filtered down to golden era of post war jet aviation - when the sky was no longer the limit (or at least we thought so). The scale had initially been 1/72, at some point it shrank to 1/144 in (pathetic) attempt to finish more models.

Since 2013 I co-organize Wroclaw Model Show - show in Poland, annually in April.

2015 marked new endavor, quite unexpected for me - we started the Shelf Oddity with two friends - now manufacturing 1/144 decals and accessories & 1/700 ship accessories.