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Hasegawa 1/48 A6M2 Zero

The Mitsubishi A6M "Zero" was a long-range carrier-based fighter aircraft operated by the Imperial Japanese Navy from 1940 to 1945. Combining excellent maneuverability and very long range, it is considered to have been the most [...]

EoJ GB: Mitsubishi A6M2b Zero type 21, Hasegawa 1/48

Finally I had the opportunity to join this fantastic GB with a Mitsubishi A6M2b Zero. As a matter of fact, Spiros @fiveten, invited me to join his already started thread with my Zero as well and do a combo build. I was honored to receive [...]

Mitsubishi A6M2 zero zeke

Hi everybody! This is my A6M2 zero built as part of the empire of japan group build. So many good models on that group. This is Tamiyas Quite old 1/48 zero. With raised panel lines and a few recessed ones, so I decided to get the [...]

Tamiya 1/48 A6M2 Zeke

This is my second completion for the Empire of Japan group build. This Tamiya kit isn't too bad for how old it is. Minimal part count makes it a quick build. It does lack detail but makes a good kit for practice. I built it OOB just adding [...]