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F-8X Super Crusader,

Here's another Whatiffer. Eliminating the bridle catapult set up by adopting the nose gear hook up from the A-7, including the main landing gear also installing a 20mm vulcan, instead of those prone to jam singles, an engine change [...]

Eduard Spitfire Mk.Ia, 1/48. A Pair of Kiwis over Dunkirk.

'the airspeed indicator read 240 mph, and I thought "this is bloody marvellous!", but then the Spitfire began to shudder and seemed as if it was going to stall. - I realised what had happened, my pitot head had been shot away, [...]

Takom M9 ACE Armoured Combat Earthmover 1/35

Hi ! This is my first Takom model. A very attractive set. An interesting topic, not a dozen vehicles. The construction went easily. I think this is a real joy model.It was a pleasant first encounter with this brand. I hope you like it.

Tamiya (Italeri) 1/48 Opel Blitz with ACE 1/48 Flak 38 Afrikakorps

Here´s another little armour project my dad did for diversion back in 2015. Used the Tamiya Opel Blitz boxing of the Italeri kit together with the Flak 38 from ACE. The flak base/mount came from gaso.line, the truck bed enclosure was [...]