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Done! Alpha Jet 1/48 Wingman Models

So, after a few weeks, a lot of masking and quite some patience, I can call this one done. Pretty satisfied with it. Didn't go for a lot of wheathering since this livery is for a demo aircraft and they would have kept it pretty clean. Some [...]

Advancement on the Alpha Jet

So I'm a few weeks underway building the Alpha Jet (see previous post) and it has been... well a bit challenging. The kit is clearly old and that shows in two domains. First and foremost, the fit is not very good. A lot of parts and joints [...]

1/48 Wingman Models Alpha Jet Belgian Air Force

Started my new build: the 35 years BAF Alpha Jet celebration. This is actually a rebox of the old Kinetic Alpha Jet including a resin cockpit and wheels, extra photo etch parts, masks and a brass cannon. The kit also contains extra [...]

Heller 1/72 Alpha Jet ”Patrouille de France”

Hi everyone! This is my Heller 1/72 Alpha Jet, finished as a ”Patrouille de France” bird. The Dassault/Dornier Alpha Jet is a light attack jet and advanced jet trainer co-manufactured by Dassault Aviation of France and Dornier [...]

1/72 Heller Alpha Jet Kit No_257

I have been away from scale modeling since 1990's - I can't remember the last kit I actually built. Getting close to retirement, I figured I better make sure I still have the patience to get back into it. This wasn't my first kit getting [...]

1/48 Alpha Jet A

Images created during 2018 Moson Model Show at the iModeler booth.

Alpha Jet - a 'Year of the Cat' build

Hey again... Yep two finishes in as many days - definitely NOT the way I usually roll, but no matter. Kinetic 1:48 Alpha Jet with (outstanding) Wingman decals and no other extras whatsoever. Kit does have some 'build issues' most notably [...]

Review: Kenetic 1/48 Alpha Jet Review