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1/48 Alpha Jet A

May 23, 2018 · in Aviation · · 23 Comments

Images created during 2018 Moson Model Show at the iModeler booth.

8 additional images. Click to enlarge.

23 responses

  1. Paint job and the build itself is awesome! Great work!

  2. Trully inspiring model !
    Congratulations !

  3. Absolutely sensational!

  4. Awesome, nice details and perfect paint job!

  5. I could stare on this build forever. Very well done, especially when one realise from what kind of kit this comes from. Inspirational craftsmanship by all means. Congratulations Christian!

    • I think this is the newer Kinetic kit, David. I can't believe anyone would go for that dog we're thinking of.

      • The kit is indeed the Kinetic/ Wingman edition. It is not the Heller one you feared, but as David mentioned, the Kinetic kit also is a far from perfect. However, it is much better then any previously released Alpha Jet kit in 1:48 and a good starting point.

  6. Very nice model and base! Welcome to imodeler!

  7. Simply beautiful! The paintwork is stunning!

  8. They said it all...and I I agree. 🙂

  9. Just wonderful. Is this the Kinetic/Wingman model?

  10. awesome finish!

  11. wow, that is one of the best jet models I have come across! Really! Perfect and astounding in every aspect including details, paint, and overall finish. Especially love the weathered realistic finish to the whole jet! Wish you could share a little more about this model and the build.

    • The kit is from Kinetic/ Wingman, but heaviliy modified and refined. I have resculpted the rear fuselage area between the wings and the horizontal stabilators, where the shape of the kit is too slim. At least I tried to capture the more bulbous and rounded contours of the original as close to the original as possible. The panel lines were refined and added by fine rivet lines. The cockpit was a lot of work. I removed all details from the Wingman resin tub, which were too heavy and rather basic. I rebuilt all panels, switches, instruments and all details in scratch and used some parts from a Kinetic PE set as well. The paints are from the German brand Elita Lifecolours, which I can highly recommend, especially concrning RAL tones. Weathering was done very carefully following some reference pictures I took during an excellent base visit at JaboG-43 on Oldenburg Air Base in August 1990. I started building this model exactly 25 years after this visit, which was my personal celebration for this really unforgettable day. My built has benefit by some measurements and close up photographs I could made on an Alpha Jet at the Hermeskeil museum, which is a 25 minute drive away from where I live. This Alpha Jet actually is from JaboG-43 too and still in mint condition.

  12. Excellent work. Love it.

  13. You know you've done something special when you get a reaction like this.

    Exception detail and finish. Amazing job. She's like the Harrier's prettier , slimmer sister.

  14. What a beautifully done model - the paint work and detail are excellent! The Alpha is one of my favorite diminutive jets, and you did a marvelous job with this one.

  15. Very nice work on assembly, detail, painting and decals. All excellent with a great result.

  16. Fantastic build. I love the paint and finish. Just beautiful.

  17. Great Alpha, Christian!

  18. Stunning build! Could be real!

  19. Beautifully done!

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