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Bill Bosworth does it again: 1/32 scratchbuilt Consolidated PB-2A

Another Bosworth masterpiece. The PB-2A, is significant for being the first fighter in United States Army Air Corps service to have retractable landing gear, an enclosed and heated cockpit for the pilot, and an exhaust-driven [...]

Bill Bosworth's latest proof that 'we're not worthy!"

1/32 scratchbuilt A-20G. 312th Bomb Group, 389th Bomb Squadron, New Guinea 1944. "We're not worthy!"

Another Bill Bosworth “We're not worthy!!"

Bill Bosworth send me these photos of his 1/32 scratchbuilt Douglas Mailplane. All you scratchbuilders leave me in awe. The rest of us can practice "We're not worthy! We're not worthy!"

A Thanksgiving Present From Bill Bosworth

Bill Bosworth's latest scratchbuilt creation: 1/32 Supermarine S5 Schneider Cup Racer. Once again, "we're not worthy!" 🙂