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Twin 40mm Bofors

This is a land based twin 40mm Bofors I scratched made a couple of years ago.Iv Made a few changes to it.Copied from pictures,not sure of the scale.Full elevations is 7.5 inches high.Made from wood.

Scratch built 40mm Bofor gun.

Scratch built 40mm Bofor gun.Copied the dimensions from the 1/72 Airfix kit which in my opinion is a very good detailed kit,making mine a 1/18 scale.(4 times bigger).

Twin 40 mm Bofors

Scratch built 40 mm Bofors.Made from pine and ply with some dowling.

Canadian 40mm Bofors AA towed by Canadian MP FAT (Field Artillery Tractor).

Any suggestions,comments questions are gladly accepted.