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On the wings of a hot desert wind: Caudron C.632 Simoun F-ANXA

If you take a look at aviation in the 1920s and 1930s, you soon come across a circumstance that must have been characteristic of this time: the constant struggle for more performance, prestige and, ultimately, sales figures materialised in [...]

Caudron G.IV Hydravion

Copper State Models' 1/48 Hydravion is a challenging and work intensive build. Like CSM's 1/32 Caudron G.III the surface texture of plastic is excellent. However, the instructions are suggestive and you may require additional references to [...]

Heller 1/72 Caudron 714

The Caudron Renault C.710 series was one of the emerging types out of a French 1936 specification, calling for a light fighter of wooden construction that could be built rapidly in large numbers without upsetting the production of existing [...]

Copper State Models 1/32 Caudron G.III

This is a very well designed model. The building experience is much like Wingnut Wings models. The surface areas are crisp with good fabric rendition. Instructions are detailed, but not confusing. You may want to go back and forth through [...]

Review: Caudron C.561 – 1:72 resin kit by SBS Model

Caudron C-461 and C-561 were built as French participants for the Coupe Deutsch de la Meurthe 1936. The two aircraft C-461 derived on the C-460 using the same engine Renault 456, while the single C-561 followed the type C-560 installing [...]

Review: Caudron C.450 racer 1:72 – new kit from SBS – review

I picked up this beautiful little kit on the recent Mosonshow from the SBS stand. It's really a "hot" product as they just finished preparations and announced the kit for the event. My example is from the first batch! Developed [...]

Caudron C.600 Aiglon – Armée de L’air – SBS 1:72

I think I've fallen in love with this kit - otherwise I find it difficult to explain why I built four of them so far. Yes four and I still did not get bored with it. I reviewed the kit earlier here in iModeler (first look see here: (link) [...]

War Above the Trenches: Caudron G.IV (Late)

The Aircraft The Caudron G.IV was a French twin-engine biplane widely used during World War I as a reconnaissance/bomber aircraft. Its tailplanes were mounted on an open latticework structure normally associated with pusher aircraft, yet [...]