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Convair F-106 Delta Dart

1/48 F-106A

Trumpeter kit with Aires cockpit, Wolfpack exhaust, Reskit/wheels tires, and Master Details pitot. Used Caracal decals for scheme and Fundekals for stencils. Tamiya Acrylic paints. A generally pleasant building experience with the [...]

Monogram/Encore 1/48 F-102A "Case XX" wing. 196th FIS California ANG

History: What became the F-102 marked a major change in design and development of fighters. It was the result of a recommendation made on October 8,1948, by the Air Force Senior Officers Board that the service organize a competition for a [...]

1/72 MENG Convair Delta Dart: 101st FIS Cape Cod, MA ANG

In my early teens I was a very dedicated, and active cadet in the Rhode Island Civil Air Patrol (CAP). I had the best time and experiences as part of this very professional organization which is the official auxiliary program of the USAF. [...]

Two “Sixes”, Convair F-106 in 1/48 by Monogram, who else?

The Convair F-106 Delta Dart will always be one of my most favorite aircraft, and not just because I was able to fly supersonic in one, but that probably helped! In September 1972 I flew from McClellan AFB in California to Tyndall AFB on [...]