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1/72 MENG Convair Delta Dart: 101st FIS Cape Cod, MA ANG

In my early teens I was a very dedicated, and active cadet in the Rhode Island Civil Air Patrol (CAP). I had the best time and experiences as part of this very professional organization which is the official auxiliary program of the USAF. As a[...]

Monogram 48th F-84G & F-106A in NMF

From the "way back machine", another pair of classic Monogram kits done with (you guessed it) Model Master Buffable Metalizer rattle cans. A coat of Future, a little nose weight, kit decals and viola...finito. I also did the Monogram F-106A Del[...]

Two “Sixes”, Convair F-106 in 1/48 by Monogram, who else?

The Convair F-106 Delta Dart will always be one of my most favorite aircraft, and not just because I was able to fly supersonic in one, but that probably helped! In September 1972 I flew from McClellan AFB in California to Tyndall AFB on the Gu[...]

Monogram 1/48th F-106 Delta Dart

The venerable Monogram kits were, in my opinion, hands-down the best quality 'domestic' model one could get "back in the day". This was, of course, before the "Japanese invasion". They make practically everything better these days (and I'm not[...]