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A torn loose seat, sawing clear parts and a Heinkel in British hands: He-111 "Delta Lily" has a story to tell!

About He-111H-6 "Delta Lily", 260 Squadron RAF Two questions immediately came to my mind when I first heard about this special He-111 "Delta Lily": firstly, I was puzzled why the British had gone to such great lengths [...]

Stranger in a Strange Land: Fw 190 A-5, 325th FG, Lesina AB 1943

When dealing with World War II aviation, there is little opportunity to come across distinctly colourful or at least unusual paint schemes. Only in one area can one find a consistently high density of spectacular "special paint [...]

A 109 that has changed sides: Bf 109 G-10 "White 45" in the midst of the "Trieste Crisis”

In October 1953, the ground, naval and air forces of Italy and Yugoslavia confronted each other in the northern Adriatic around the city of Trieste, ready to enforce their countries' interests by force of arms if necessary. Trieste had [...]

Eduard Butcher Bird

Hello all, here’s my Eduard Fw 190 A-3 in 1/48. It’s from the Royal Class release so it came with some nice resin wheels. It also came with 14 decal options which is obviously not enough so I went with some aftermarket jobbies from [...]

Escape Plan...1/48 Messerschmitt Bf109G-6(Mtt. Regensburg) Romanian Airforce

My dad´s next finshed model. Eduard kit, Exito Decals, plastic rods and lead wire for the brake lines, EZ Line for the antenna wire, MRP RLM76 and Gunze RLM 74/75. Build thread here (link) The model displays the aircraft of Captain [...]