Escape Plan...1/48 Messerschmitt Bf109G-6(Mtt. Regensburg) Romanian Airforce

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My dad´s next finshed model.
kit, Decals, plastic rods and lead wire for the brake lines, EZ Line for the antenna wire, MRP RLM76 and Gunze RLM 74/75.

Build thread here

The model displays the aircraft of Captain Constantin Cantacuzino. After Romania turned against Germany, on August 27th 1944 Cantacuzino was then given a special mission: to transport Lieutenant-Colonel James Gunn III, the highest ranking American prisoner-of-war in Romania, to the airbase at Foggia and return to Romania with 56 B-17s converted for transport duty to airlift 1,274 U.S. PoWs. He returned flying a P-51 Mustang because his Bf 109 could not be refueled.

p.s.: The antenna wire is supposed to look that way. When the mast was mounted on the Erla canopy, the wire went through the mast and was connected with the canopy locking mechanism. The antenna wire was only tensioned when the pilot locked the canopy.

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  1. AWESOME MODEL...much better than mine...your photography is excellent toooooooooooooo! good job well done.

  2. Your dad's usual standards shine through on this build, and wow- what a scheme for a 109!

  3. I love it! Very nice build and greatly interesting and attention grabbing markings. Very interesting back story too. Really a great build.

  4. Fantastic build.
    Wish my dad was also that enthusiastic in modelling.

  5. Beautiful work. Colonel Gunn once showed up at Planes of Fame back in the late 80s to tell his story. Nice to see this model.

  6. Great work ! I wonder why they painted on the old US insignia.

  7. Great build and very useful for me. I have a 1/72 decals for this aircraft. Your post might just have brought it a bit closer to getting started!
    Thanks for posting.

  8. Very nice build! Love the subtle realistic weathering, well done!

  9. Thanks for all the likes and comments!

  10. I've thought about purchasing those decals.
    Looking at your kit, I think I should.
    The 'hand-painted markings' decals look particularly convincing.
    Great build.

  11. Really nice, Reinhard (@grimreaper). I wasn't aware of the events surrounding this plane, so thanks for the background.

  12. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Distinctive in every aspect Reinhard, this one truly is a historical piece. Your weathering is light and quite artful, very nice touch.
    Very nice work.

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