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1:25 John Deere 40203D Scratch Built

The legendary 4020 was born in 1963 and it’s safe to say a love affair began with many farmers that burns as hot today as it did when they first saw black smoke roll out of the muffler. The 4020 was, and still is, one of those [...]

John Deere 310

This is the latest edition to my tractor collection, Ertl's John Deere 310. As a kid, I always wanted this kit, but never found it in the hobby stores I had available to me. I recently found this original 1975 kit on eBay for reasonable [...]

John Deere 4430

I grew up on a farm with green tractors, and as kids my school mates and I used to have tug-of-wars over whether John Deere or IH were the better tractors. Sometime around my early teens I built the Ertl Massey-Ferguson 1155 tractor which [...]