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Вы собираетесь вытащить эти пистолеты или свисток Дикси Vy sobirayetes' vytashchit' eti pistolety ili svistok DiksiAnigrand 1/72 Mig-31 Firefox

This was my surprise present form my son last Christmas. Never having made a resin kit before the very thought of it terrified me because it was a present and if I made a mess of it I wasn't just disappointing myself. So, after doing some [...]

Russian mig-31

Today I have for you this Mig-31 from zvezda. This is an old model. it was my second paint job with the airbrush. The kit is really simple to build. Let me know If you like it!?

May iModeler Winner Prize has Arriveth!

Just received my award for the 1/32 Ho-229 I submitted in May. A big thank you to the judges for selecting my model. I built the BM version of this excellent AMK kit and have big plans for this one. This is probably one of the best kits I [...]

1/48 AMK MiG-31

Finally finished it

AMK 1/48 MiG-31B/BS Kazakhstan Air Force

Hello again! Completely OOB AMK MiG-31B/BS. This is a very well engineered kit, and it was so much fun to build. I went with the Kazakhstan Air Force markings because I did not see many of those being made. My only regret is that I [...]

1/72 Zvezda MiG-31 Foxhound

Another excellent kit by Zvezda. Model is out of the box, display stand included. As in previous Zvezda kit, parts fit very well together. Missle launch effect made of PUR foam applied on piece of wire and just "stuck" on wing [...]

AMK Mig-31

Here are a few pictures of my AMK Mig-31 which I finished recently. This will be featured in Model Airplane International soon. This is a superb kit, the way it has been engineered to fit together hiding almost all the seams is wonderful. [...]

1/48 AMK Mig-31 Foxhound

Finally finished after being started nearly a year ago. Loved everybit of the build. Painted with Tamiya paints and weathered with Mig wash 🙂

AMK 1/48th MIG-31, Part 2

Starting from (link). This build was a premiere for me in two respects. I used Mr. Paint products for the first time extensively and the stenciling was done with a novel kind of decals from the Czech company HGW. The great thing with Mr. [...]

AMK 1/48th MIG-31, Part 1

Inspired by Boris’ magnificent two-parted building report of Airfix’ P-40 here on iModeler some weeks ago, I’m following in his footsteps and give the same concept a try with my recent MIG-31 project. Please see part one here, part [...]