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Italeri 1/48 Opel Blitz

Something new and refreshing, a lot of fun and new techniques to try. So, there will be more vehicles to come.

Tamiya (Italeri) 1/48 Opel Blitz with ACE 1/48 Flak 38 Afrikakorps

Here´s another little armour project my dad did for diversion back in 2015. Used the Tamiya Opel Blitz boxing of the Italeri kit together with the Flak 38 from ACE. The flak base/mount came from gaso.line, the truck bed enclosure was [...]

Italeri Kfz. 305 Opel Blitz in 1:35 (#216) Afrika Korps

This is my entry to the “Battle of Kasserine Pass/Tunisia Campaign” group build (ft. David A. Thomas), I reported during the build there, see (link) Some history: The Opel Blitz was one of the main workhorses of the German army in [...]

A little German truck

This is Tamiya's 1/35 German 3 ton 4x2 cargo truck, otherwise known as an Opel Blitz, but I think Tamiya weren't allowed to use that name for various reasons.The truck was originally built in 1931, and mass production followed in 1935. It [...]