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Fiddlers Green General Dynamics F-16 Falcon Paper Model

These fun scale paper model is sometimes what the doctor ordered to have an enjoyable build and listening to some smooth Jazz. See the full build on YouTube. Hope you enjoy these pics. Cheers my fellow modelers. One love.

Photoshoot for the Fiddlers Green Nieuport 17

Greeting fellow modelers, Another French WW1 paper model. This one I loved from seeing it on flyboys the movie. you can see the full build of all these on YouTube. I want to share this hobby with so many persons. An economic way to have [...]

Photoshoot for the Fiddlers Green Spad XIII

The French surely built some really good looking aircraft during world war 1. This Sad took me about 3 hours to build and really nice. looks far more like a bird with those unique trailing edges. Cheers my friends. One love.

Photoshoot for the Fiddlers Green Curtiss P-6E Hawk paper model

This paper model from fiddlers green was a lot of fun to build. Love especially the wheel spats. took some time to do but I think it captures the beauty of this aircraft. Cheers my friends, one love.

He111 P2 Paper Model from GPM

Along with fiddlers green easy build kits, I wanted to post other builds from other Authors. These paper kits can be really inspiring if time is taken to carefully build them. You can see this full build in 10 mins here : (link) Cheers and [...]

Paper model of a Hunter from Fiddlers Green

Have to admire the graceful beauty of how the hunter looks. Reminds me more of a swallow. One of the reasons I am posting may of these particular paper model builds is that these are considered very basic. You can build these in a few [...]

TA-183Huckebein (Raven) Paper model from Fiddlers Green

This one is a thing of beauty for me. I have always been fascinated by the rapid advancement of the Aviation industry in Germany during the waning days of WW2. For them to put out designs that seemed to be far ahead of anything at that [...]

Fiddlers Green F-14 Tomcat Papermodel

This one...good looking? yes. Trouble to put together? yes. for something that looks so simple it was a real headache to assemble. So glad it is paper. tempted quite a few times to ball it up and try for a 3-point hoop. seeing that I can [...]

Photoshoot for the Fiddlers green Dornier Do-335 Arrow

When I was doing this model, I forgot to add nose weight and then underestimated how much nose weight needed! The second thing that stood out was the size of the model. it is HUGE! It was one of the more unusual models I liked to build. [...]

Photoshoot for Fiddlers Green Fokker D.VIII paper model

I appreciate that I can share my models with the community here and will try to do so regularly. Seeing that it is the Christmas holidays, i will try to post the building process of future models next year.