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1/48 XB-70 Valkyrie

February 28, 2014 · in Aviation · · 4 · 5K

What we have here is Ken West's scale . It is a and very impressive when done by a paper master. (Which I am not!) I saw one completed by Mr. West himself at the EAA museum and had to have one. I didn't care that it was paper, but the 1/48 scale really got my attention as this is my usual scale!

It is available from for the wallet busting sum of $12 and here's what you get. Two PDF files, one for the instructions and one for the parts. This is very handy for anyone who has never built a paper model before (me) because you can just reprint any parts you mess up.

Like I said, I've seen one in the flesh and it is very impressive with a full cockpit and now with landing gear as well. (Very intricate!) Unfortunately my first attempt has fallen somewhat short of my goal as a nice display model. Once I attain that I plan on building a flying rocket/glider combo launched with a pair of Estes engines and recovered by gliding down RC. (I do believe this is sturdy enough to do this as the forward fuselage is strong and the main body is VERY strong!)

I'm just looking for a little guidance on paper modeling if anyone out there has any experience.

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  1. Now that is pretty neat. It looks huge, what's the wingspan and length?

  2. It is quite large. As it sits right now its about 38" long and 16 1/2" wide. the final length will be about 45-48" with a 28-29" wingspan! (Dont worry about it hogging shelf space, you can park a bunch of smaller planes under the wings as they will be about 4" off the table!) You should check it out, there are a few nice pictures on the site! You also can't get this much cool for twelve buck out of a plastic kit! (And you can build as many as you want for the cost of paper!) I will be making one gear up to hang as well. (You don't get the option of the raised nose or drooped wings though. That's for us to figure out!) I'm just so glad a 1/48 Valkyrie exists, I'll gladly learn to build paper models. (There is a 1/33 scale B-58 Hustler on the site. I've seen pictures of it built using chrome paper and it looks totally convincing! Must be a ton of work to get the compound curves, but the real one started out as flat sheets too!)

  3. Josh,
    Very impressive. You should give the kit or some other paper model a whirl. I did a 1/72 Boeing 727 years ago and was amazed how well it looked upon completion. Lots of instructions and they have to be followed without deviation.

  4. Chiming in years later, but how did your paper masterpiece turn out?

    What you have looks great. I'd say you're pretty brave to tackle a model that big made from paper!

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