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1/72 BE-12 Chayka Ukraine Amphibious Aircraft

1/72 BE-12 Chayka or Seagull in Ukrainian markings. The aircraft made its operational debut in 1968 and served in the ASW and SAR role and is still flying today with a handful still operating. The NATO, cold war code name for this [...]

Vertol H-21CRevell 1/72

This is the H-21C from Revell in 1/72. Nice kit, with some corrections to be made. As was impossible for me to find the discontinued Eduard FE sets (interior and exterior), opted to make some scratch, mostly on the cockpit and some [...]

Sea Knight

Hello from Middle Earth ! Been a wee while since my last completed build here, even longer since my last SAR project. So here is, fresh from my bench, Academy's excellent HH-46 Sea Knight complete with kit decals for a machine from SOMS [...]