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As long as we’re now into Fw-190s…

December 9, 2012 in Aviation

This is the Hasegawa 1/32 kit with the Montex conversion to do the Fw-190A-3 flown by Hans “Assi” Hahn of JG2 in 1942. It’s an easy drop-fit conversion with a full fuselage. Decals from Eagle Cals.

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4 responses to As long as we’re now into Fw-190s…

  1. No text…no additional pictures…no nuthin’…!! You just wake up?

  2. Oh never mind….THERE they are (didn’t show up the first time – dunno why). Still don’t mean you didn’t just wake up, though – lol

  3. Wait a minute…..that ain’t the one that showed up the first time – what’s goin’ on, TC… DID just wake up, didn’t ya?

  4. This is the only Montex/Hasegawa A-3 that I’ve seen built and I certainly remember your MM article, Tom. I always found the fidelity in JG-2’s marking practices interesting, you could set this one next to Egon Mayer’s A-5 and the only perceptible differences would be the WrNr, horrido bars, and slight modifications in the later airframe.

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