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Achtung DORA!

Yellow! First of all I want to thank You guys for such a warm welcome and kind words! I'm honoured and very flattered. So, here's another thing from me. Eduard's 1:48 Fw-190D. The prettier sister of first Focke-Wulf. Well, she's got that someth[...]

On This Day…February 10th

10th February 1943. No. 139 Squadron, RAF, was formed in July of 1918 in Italy and was originally outfitted with Bristol F2b fighter aircraft. It was disbanded on 7 March 1919, regrouping in September of ‘36 flying Hawker Hinds and then Brist[...]

On This Day…February 9th

‘Black Friday’ - February 9th, 1945. A disastrous attack on German Destroyer Z-33 in a Norwegian Fiord saw the loss of nine Beaufighters, one P-51 Mustang, fourteen aircrew KIA, and four aircrew taken PoW, losses made more painful by the neari[...]

Fw 190D-9

Eduard 1/48 Bodenplatte Fw 190 & Bf 109 combo kit, just finished the Fw 190. Added figures from Tamiya kit with a simple grass land base. First time doing an aircraft model and first time posting, there has to be a lot of things that can [...]

Focke Wulf F190 A8 with Bv 246 “Hagelkorn”(Hailstone) Revell 1/72

For a nice change I've build another German subject. The Focke Wulf F190 A8 with Blohm & Voss Bv246 "Hagelkorn" ( Hailstone) glide bomb. A very nice kit of a unusual subject. Revell uses their nice Fw190 kit with the addition of the Bv246 gl[...]

Eduard 1/48 Fw-190A-8/R2

While the Luftwaffe was fairly successful in attacking Eighth Air Force bomber formations in the “Twelve O-Clock High” head on tactic, the closing rate was so high that pilots did not have an adequate time to take aim on a specific target before[...]

On This Day…December 31st.

On December 31st, 1940, the HMS Hood was berthed at Scapa Flow, Orkney Islands, Scotland. United States Naval officer, Joseph Wellings, recorded the day in his diary... "Last day of 1940 – up at usual time 0745 – breakfast, a good mile and a qu[...]

ProModeler (Dragon) Fw-190G-3 modified to Fw-190G-8

Designer Kurt Tank expressed his design philosophy in creating the Fw-190 thus: “The Messerschmitt 109 [sic] and the British Spitfire, the two fastest fighters in world at the time we began work on the Fw 190, could both be summed up as a very[...]

Fw-190 F8 Stab/SG2 Tamiya 1/48

Hello my friends There is a long time from my last contribution. Maybe, this kit from Tamiya could be the root cause ? I had a lot of issues with this kit, surprisingly. I have always wanted this scheme for my F8 version, and it was very chal[...]

Exito Decals from Poland

I'm sure you all heard or read about this new decal manufacturer elsewhere, but I got their brand new sheet Wulf Pack pt1and the quality presented raises the bar on the decal AM niche. As you can see in the photos it comes in a A4 size card enve[...]