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Look! Up in the air! Is it a bird? A plane? A flying pig?? Trumpeter 1/72 Gannet

January 28, 2013 in Aviation

TC does indeed build in eensy-weensy scale, just not that often. This is the Trumpeter 1/72 Gannet with the A2Zee wingfold and bomb bay sets, with Xtradecals. Sadly, about a week after it was completed, one of the new kittens was exploring and got on the shelf and “it faw down go boom.” My fault for not having it in a safer place, I never blame the kitties, they don’t have bad thoughts, just curiosity.

So it’s true, pigs CAN fly. 🙂

One of these days I will build the “proper scale” Classic Airframes kit I have.

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7 responses to Look! Up in the air! Is it a bird? A plane? A flying pig?? Trumpeter 1/72 Gannet

  1. Luckily, my cat is very agile and adept at evading any protrusions, etc., when navigating my shelf of models. Oh, there’s been a few mishaps, but nothing that couldn’t be repaired.
    Your build looks daunting….appears very delicate, complicated and a not-so-easy construction process – especially in that scale. Just wish I could see the detail(s) better. Must be another old build, huh?
    What are you using for a camera nowadays, TC….?

    • Actually, my cats learn from their mistakes and only make the one at first, then realize life is better if they don’t do that again. 🙂

      • I certainly hope you’re not referring to physical feline disciplinary action….that does no good at all. The critters don’t know (or have ability to comprehend) the idea of “punishment”.
        The burden is on you. It is, as you said, “…your fault for having them there..”. Don’t make me come out there.

  2. Yeah that’s one of the ones that got beat with the ugly stick. Even the wingfold is weird. Looks like it needed both those little props to get airborne. Nice job folding it up.

  3. Beautiful job on a tough model most of us find an excuse for not building, but would love to have in our collection.

  4. No it is not very proportional, but I’ve always admired the British for their ability to come up with something this odd (another good example being the Wyvern). And if I understand things correctly, this aircraft was actually successful.

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