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Blenheim Mk I, Finnish Air Force 1942

The Blenheim MK I was modified from a civilian concept aircraft for a small high speed 6 passenger transport (Bristol Type 142) in 1935. The success of this concept impressed the RAF and they issued specification B.28/35 for prototypes of [...]

1/48 Supermarine Walrus Mk. I

Up until Airfix came with their 1/48th scale Walrus, Classic Airframes' was the best option in that scale. The latter, a limited run kit is work intensive by its nature. Moreover, it is a biplane with complex wing parts assembly and [...]

Classic Airframes 1/48 Fairey Gannet

A limited run kit with resin parts is a sure sign of ample dry fitting. Classic Airframes' Gannet is no exception. Yet. I like the looks of this big and rugged naval aircraft. The mold of plastic parts is basic. To add insult, the kit [...]

1/48 Spitfire Vc, 249 Squadron, Malta, June/July 1942

Spitfire Mk Vc, BP966, was originally manufactured in the desert scheme, then routed to Renfrew, Scotland for shipment to Malta. While there, it was refinished in the temperate sea scheme (as per a misunderstood Malta request), and shipped [...]

1/48 Fairey Gannet AS.Mk.1

This is the Fairey Gannet AS.Mk.1 from Classic Airframes. The decals are from XTRADECAL.

1/48 De Havilland Hornet F.3

The kit is from Classic Airframes. The decals of No.80 Squadron, Kai Tak, Hong Kong, 1954. Greetings Martin

Classic Airframes 1/48 Meteor F. 4

From 2003 with updated photos: The Airplane: The Meteor F.4 was the result of three separate lines of research that began shortly after 616 Squadron had taken delivery of their F.1s in 1944. The Aerodynamic Section at R.A.E. Farnborough [...]

Martin B-57B Canberra

The kit, 1/48 by Classic Airframes, out of the box. Painted with Humbrol and Modelmaster. Thanks for looking

de Havilland Venom FB.1 from Classic Airframes.

Classic Airframes' range of 1/48 scale models will be well known to those of us who have a few years "seniority" under their belts. and that includes me... I bought this kit around 20 years ago for the huge sum (then) of $77.95 [...]

1/48 Classic Airframes IAF TA-4H

Here is my second IAF Skyhawk- a TA-4H. The Classic Airframes kit is quite good- with a few issues. The best part of them is the lack of "step" on the leading edge of the wing, for the slat. on the real plane there is no step [...]