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1/72 P-40B/C Warhawk

Three day build complete. P-40B/C Flying Tiger - spring 1942 - 1/72 Trumpeter kit. The aircraft is actually a Hawk H81 A-3, which was Curtiss’ designation of the P-40B/C aircraft pulled from an order to Great Britain (H81 A-2) and sent to Ch[...]

Uss Momsen – DDG-92

This Trumpeter model has only been made with the kit's photo-etched parts and adding only Flyhawk ladders. The kit represents the early version of the ship and has been modified to include the aft Phalanx. Numerous modifications have been made a[...]

Trumpeter 1/35 ZU-23-2 AAA review

Trumpeter 1/32 F2a Lightning

As some of you may know, the 1/32 Trumpeter Lightning falls short on a lot of fronts. The kit however is a very straightforward build out of the box and it does resemble a Lightning should you choose to build it this way. I had previously buil[...]

Trumpeter 1/32 Shenyang J-5 (Mig-17F)

Hi everyone! This is my Trumpeter 1/32 Shenyang J-5 (歼-5), a Chinese-built single-seat jet interceptor and fighter aircraft, derived from the license-built MiG-17F. The first J-5 (Φ0101), performed its initial flight on 19 July 1956 with test [...]

Hms Renown at Suez

Generic photo-etchings with other details in scracth. The main guns have been replaced with those of Rb models. I have replaced the chains with others made with copper wire and the fore and aft masts have also been completely rebuilt. The Trumpe[...]

Supermarine Spiteful 1/48 Trumpeter

I bought this kit last weeked on exhibition in Tovačov (Czech republic) I know this is not super correct kit, but i very like this bird. He was born too late and his life was too short. And i did this what if marking.

de Havilland Hornet F.3 Malayan Crisis Trumpeter 1/48

Excellent Trumpeter kit,one of the best fit I have seen yet...hope you like it...

12.8 cm PAK 44 Waffenträger Krupp 1, Trumpeter 1/35

Something different, amazing kit from Trumpeter. Enjoy the pictures

Trumpeter 1:72 Soviet T-28 Medium Tank

I took a detour from a couple of long-term in-progress projects to build up this multi-turret 'land battleship.' It is a nice little kit of an interesting subject. But given the small scale, there are some delicate fiddly parts, particularly t[...]