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Guadalcanal Marine 75mm Pack Howitzer, @ October 1942

February 3, 2013 in Armor

The Howitzer is the excellent Vision Models injected kit, the figures are conversions of Dragon Guadalcanal Marines, with some Tamiya mortar crew parts. The sandbags are from Italeri, with epoxy putty blending. Painting is with acrylics, my firtst serious attempt at acrylic figure painting.

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8 responses to Guadalcanal Marine 75mm Pack Howitzer, @ October 1942

  1. Very nice! The figures look great.

  2. Looks like a little piece of history !!! Nice job!!!!

  3. A most excellent diorama…I wish I could paint like that.

    • You really should’ve posted this is the “Headline” section – it’s too good to be missed by some who don’t venture off the ‘front page’. Actually, you still can. Just delete the article and re-post it.

  4. Merrill … your 1st attempt at figure painting LOOKS somewhat like a VERY WELL done masterpiece … I would like an 8 x 10 of ANY of those
    poses” … keep at ’em’, guy !!!

  5. You misread me, that was my first attempt at ACRYLIC figure painting, I used to do oils, and attended Shep Paine’s painting course twice during the 90’s, the Ideas on shading, etc, are similar, but the techniques and process are different

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