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Long time model builder, like every aspect of the art/craft, almost all areas of modeling

Thought I'd share this, it's an accidental photo,

The reflections are of other club members models at a meeting, but the effect is kinda neat.

My Work bench

My workbench while I was making minor repairs to my 1/48 Fokker E.II, included is a shot of the Fokker, for reference. My workbench is probably pretty typical, I know some of the really good modelers have near operating room order, but [...]

The Yanks Are Coming (Run Away)

The Meng FT 17 (Riveted) using the supplied base as a 'base' for the dio, I added some details to show more story. It represents the '5 of Hearts' at Saint Mihiel, September 1918. This was the first battle of the American tankers of the [...]

Meng FT-17 (Rivet) "Rode hard and put up wet"

A WIP, no mud (yet) for that I'll use tube watercolor, Paint by AK, acrylic washes.The full dio will take a while.

Takom St Chamond, 1917

A fussy kit, but worth the effort, the running gear/suspension is very complete (and complex) the base shows a mostly level, dry spot, where the St Chamond was at it's best

Tamiya Mark IV in a French town 1917

The excellent Tamiya Mk IV (made without motorization) with two Verlinden figures

Meng Char 2C 1/35

This is the Meng kit, I can't say enough about the engineering of the kit, it's the best I've ever encountered. I haven't weathered or decalled it yet, (weathering will be 'severe', the upper run tracks make a real mess, according to the [...]

Tamiya 1/35 Panzer ll F

These are the photos that came out, I've been having focus problems of late The 1970's Tamiya Pzll, with Alan Pzll roadwheels and idler, spares box tools and paper tarp, with Wespe tracks (shortened)

Guadalcanal Marine 75mm Pack Howitzer, @ October 1942

The Howitzer is the excellent Vision Models injected kit, the figures are conversions of Dragon Guadalcanal Marines, with some Tamiya mortar crew parts. The sandbags are from Italeri, with epoxy putty blending. Painting is with acrylics, [...]

Copper State 1/48 Sopwith 5F1 Dolphin

The Dolphin is the 'Rodney Dangerfield' of Sopwiths. Not famous like the Camel, or even the Snipe, Triplane of Pup, it was 'different'.It was fast (131 mph) and agile, but it had 'backstaggered' wings, the idea was to give the pilot better [...]