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Think Cheap

February 7, 2013 in Aviation

I enjoy trying to make something out of an inexpensive kit.
This is a Hobby Boss 1/72 Bf-109g-6 in Georg Amon’s markings from JG 53.
I did cram an Eduard PE interior into it mainly for the instrument panel & belts.
I’d guess my total investment is about $15.00.
Still working on my photography.

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2 responses to Think Cheap

  1. It can be tough to get studio-quality pics without an expensive set-up….unless, of course, ya know whatcha doin’ (and I don’t).
    When you stumble upon the “magic formula” for pitcher-takin’, be sure to let ME know – 🙁
    Still, though…..ya dun gud. Especially for the “handicapped” scale. 🙂

  2. Great effort Al. I built the Hobbyboss Corsair SOTB, and it was a quick fun build, and very inexpensive. Your 109 looks great, and has a real sharp paint job. Mottle is hard to do well in any scale, but i recon you nailed it here.

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