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Hobby Boss 1/72 T-6 Texan

The origins of the T-6 can be traced as far back as 1935, where North American Aviation introduced their first trainer aircraft. Designated NA-16, it became the forerunner of a variety of single-engine, low-wing monoplanes with tandem [...]

Hobby Boss 1/72 M.S.406

The M.S.406 was Morane's first low-wing monoplane, as well as the first to feature an enclosed cockpit and a retracting undercarriage. Upon entering service in early 1939, it was the French Air Force’s first "modern" fighter [...]

Review: 1/48 Liberator B-24J Hobby Boss Review

Hobby Boss, 1:48 Scale, Grumman F8F-1, "Bearcat"

Calling this one FINI! Nice little kit which I built completely OOB. I've always liked Leroy Grumman's 'Hot Rod' as it was called in Grumman Corp. Circles. The kit as it comes OOB, is actually a -1b. I wanted to build a real early [...]

Review: Hobby Boss 1/48 CH-47D Chinook Review

Centennial Brrrrt...1/48 Fairchild-Republic A-10C Thunderbolt II, 104th FS "Fightin´ O´s", Maryland ANG

2/2024 One of my dad´s more rare excursions in the modern jet world. IMO still the most bada$$ ground attacker and CAS aircraft. As I´ve read it is declared dead once again in a few years...let´s see. Hobby Boss kit, mostly oob. HB did [...]

1/72 Hobby Boss U-2A Dragon Lady

INTRODUCTION The U-2 spy plane was originally based on a USAF spec for a high altitude strategic photo recon plane to photograph the USSR and to provide some sort of early warning to prevent them from doing a nuclear “Pearl [...]

A giant spreads its wings: B-24 GR.Mk.VI, 10th Squadron RCAF

A quote from Paul Kennedy's book "Engineers of Victory" should open this article: "Closing the air gap did not happen because some great person decreed it. There was a group of chiefly Canadian air engineers who in early [...]

Hobbyboss 1/48 F-105G Thunderchief

Hobbyboss' Thud kit is not a great kit. It is plagued with fit and shape issues, notably the cockpit components. Nonetheless, the model radiates much of the greatness of this fighter. Given the large number of parts that require [...]

Review: Hobby Boss 1/48th B-24J Kit #81774

The history of the B-24 has been written many times by people far more knowledgeable than me. During World War Two, it was used in every theater of the war, and produced in greater numbers than any other American aircraft. A historically [...]