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Waco CG13

March 16, 2013 in Aviation


This is a model done by my father (Raul Jose Hrubisko) one month ago.

It is the Waco CG-13As. Two of this were used at the Airborne Forces Experimental Establishment for trials in 1945.
Since there is no kit for this model he has started modifiying one CG-4

Here are some photos

I hope you like it.



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3 responses to Waco CG13

  1. This is an outstanding example of scrachbuilding skills. Especially given the scarcity of references (aircraft recognition drawing (sic) + a handful of photos), your father has turned out a fabulous and detailed rendition of this esoteric glider. Hats off to you sir!

  2. Many thanks Martin. Yes, it is a non common glider which there is no kit for it.

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