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Border Models, Pz.Kpfw.IV G, 1/35

October 10, 2021 · in Armor · · 21 · 2.2K

Hi everyone, here is my , Pz.Kpfw.IV G, in scale.
Camouflage was sprayed freehand with a 20$ airbrush and AK interactive RC colors (ratio of 1:1).
Have a great day!

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  1. Man, that is fantastic tank modeling! I really like the dirt and mud seen behind the tracks! That is very realistic modeling. Thanks for the inspiring build! 🙂

  2. Wow, another tank masterpiece Allon. Can’t tell what struck me most, the eye candy that you can turn most plastic kits or the fact that your deliver them with an almost clock setting precision

  3. This is truly awesome modelling, Allon @allonkira67
    Paintwork and detailing is fantastic.
    The oxidation of the exhaust is very realistic.

  4. That's pretty hot. Great camo scheme.
    Yeah I've been using a cheap Chinese airbrush for everything lately. hard to beat.

  5. Stunning paintwork and weathering. It's absolutely incredible the amount of detail you've pack into every piece and assembly. Well done!

  6. @allonkira67 - this is superb work. One of your best - and everything I have seen you do is great, so for this to stand our from the others is definitely amazing. The attention to detail is superb and the result is incredibly realistic.

  7. Never stopping to amaze us with your wonderful models, Allon!
    This is superb job allover, the camo is spectacular!

  8. Allon, your airbrush work is truly outstanding, worthy of a much more expensive airbrush - which brand did you use? You attention to detail is also outstanding. Congratulations!

  9. Really really good looking model...and so much more than airbrushed free hand with a cheap airbrush. So much more work went into it than that. Beautiful weathering and chipping.

  10. Great airbrushing, Allon. Can't believe you achieved so much with such an inexpensive tool. I also really like your weathering techniques on armor models. The caked-on mud looks very authentic and the general wear and rust over the camo is nicely understated.

  11. Excellent airbrush work and weathering, Allon!

  12. Outstanding work Allon, beautiful weathering and attention to detail!

  13. Love it! The PanzerIV is my personal favorite German AFV from WW2. It was manufactured from start to finish and offers many different versions to model with so many paint patterns to choose from. Your weathering and "beating up" of the vehicle lends a realistic & combat-worn look to it. Are the tracks from the kit or aftermarket? My compliments to you sir!

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