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March 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

My kit from the February drawing arrived today and it is great. Believe it or not I can’t remember the last time I built a 109, maybe as a kid? What a great week, finished my probationary period in my post-Navy job and got my white hard hat, and got the first kit I ever won!

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8 responses to Winner!

  1. ‘Grats! I think you’ll enjoy that kit! Eduard has really put together a nice couple 109 kits. I’ve got a few of the E-4’s.

  2. Congrats Rob, that’s a nice kit!

    (What’s with the clean workbenches?)

  3. Just moved in, had to downsize a lot from the old man cave in California, but this is temporary until we buy here in Seattle.

  4. Welcome to the civilian world.Have fun building the 109-it’s a great kit.

  5. Never built an Eduard kit, but I understand they’re among the best out there. You’ll have to give us a “review” of the progress and – of course – the end result. Lookin’ forward to hearing your thoughts on the buld/kit. Congrats.

  6. Have fun Rob but be careful… Ed kits are beautiful and really nicely detailed, but they always contain a few booby traps in the fit department. Test/dry-fit EVERYTHING before committing to glue. The ‘109E’s are supposed to be better than the Fw 190As & Bf 110s, but proceed with eyes open.

  7. Yes Eduard kits can be fiddly. The Doras I built gave me a few fits especially around the cowling and then the landing gear attachment. Stan you nailed it with the dry fit, always a good idea in any kit, but Eduard kits are very precisely engineered a small deviation can cause a big problem.

  8. Glad for all the good news and that you like the kit.

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