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1/48 Heller Occidental Italeri…SNJ Pensacola 1939 to 1942

April 26, 2013 in Aviation

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10 responses to 1/48 Heller Occidental Italeri…SNJ Pensacola 1939 to 1942

  1. That turned out nice, Bob…what happened to the rest of the canopy pieces?

  2. Very, very pretty!
    I built an Occidental/Italeri Spitfire, once…one of the nicer kits I’ve ever built. Really.

  3. Bob, I echo the sentiments of the earlier post…Very nice figure painting-I can do a passable job on the body, but every face I do looks like something from Van Gogh’s “The Scream”!

  4. Bob the above is in ref to your pilot figure…

    • erich that gorgeous cockpit in your arrow makes me want to scream and shout…the glass in the instruments dosen’t look like future or white glue…i’m still shaking my head at your talent

  5. That’s an outstanding SNJ – terrific work!, Bob!

  6. Bob .. with the photography one would NEVER imagine this AWESOME model is that small … a GREAT job … one of my Uncles had an SNJ ,.. of course didn’t look as good as this .. it was a LOUD ride … AGAIN, you did yourself GOOD .. good presentation …

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