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Heller model kits

Greek Trainer

Acknowledgements Once again massive thanks to Spiros Pendedekas (@fiveten) and Giannis Asimakos (@mfcg) both of whom were unsparing in their help and assistance in helping me with information to realise this project. Both were more than [...]

39 - 1/72 Heller Alouette IIIIn a Rhodesian K-Car scheme

My dad was part of the Rhodesian bush war and loved the Alo III. the K-car was a gunship conversion fitted with a 20mm MG151 cannon. Inside was the pilot and gunner in the armoured seats and the Fire force commander who sat on a home made [...]

It´s been ages since my last article, so for...

It´s been ages since my last article, so for this one a little vintage Heller Bloch 152.

Heller's 1/72 Dewoitine D.501

I decided to build something different and went with an interwar French fighter plane from the 30's. A monoplane with fixed gears and an inline engine. First released as the D.500, then D.501 and later the D.510. They were obsolete by the [...]

Super Etendard 1/48 Heller

Heller 1/8 Honda CB750

Whereas by 1967 American racing's governing body, the AMA, still had rules that allowed racing by production machines only and restricting overhead-valve engines to 500 cc whilst allowing the side-valve Harley Davidsons to compete with 750 [...]

Video: Sherman M4A2 Division Leclerc1/72 Heller- Tank Model

Joseph Heller at war

(link) This 6min 38sec clip is most likely out-take footage that was going to be used in a documentary, "Training For Combat" which was the "boondoggle" that Joseph Heller took part in in 1944 - there is a few moments [...]

SAS 75th anniversary GB: Douglas DC6B Super Cloudmaster (1/72 Heller)

This DC6B Super Cloudmaster was build as part of the SAS 75th anniversary group created by Erik @airbum. First I would like to thank Erik @airbum to invite me to this group and to make it possible to be able to join it. Erik was too kind [...]

Heller 1/72 Caudron 714

The Caudron Renault C.710 series was one of the emerging types out of a French 1936 specification, calling for a light fighter of wooden construction that could be built rapidly in large numbers without upsetting the production of existing [...]