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Academy Oliver Hazard Perry Class guided missle frigate

May 27, 2013 in Ships

WOW never seen so much PE before it was a little scary never built a ship and never delt with so much PE but it was a fun build The FFG-57 Rueben James

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5 responses to Academy Oliver Hazard Perry Class guided missle frigate

  1. Steven……I don’t know a lot about building ship models but you done good in my book. Very nice build.

  2. The few “floaty things” that I’ve done were a welcome break from things with wings. The ship turned out well…..nice job.

  3. As stated before, it’s good to see something different & well done at that. Since it’s an Academy kit I’m assuming 1/350 scale?

  4. Thanks guys its nice to break up the flow every once in a while it was relaxing it is 1/350 scale

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