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Aston Martin Ulster

March 31, 2014 · in Automotive · · 23 · 2.9K

Finally finished something. This is the type of build I will work on while building more involved kits. It is a 1/32nd scale kit circa 1975.

The Ulster was developed by Augustus Bertilli . It had a 2 year racing history as a factory entry dominating the British Tourist Trophy Race & placing 3rd overall at Lemans in 1935. Being a superstitious man Bertilli would not paint his cars green so the factory entries were red. These cars ran prior to M-B & Auto Union coming on the scene.

The kit is relatively involved for !/32nd but went together well if you took your time. The only issue with the kit was the full belly pan was warped @ would not put all four corners on the ground. Luckily there was room between the pan & the floorboard to put a !/4" bar a Plastruc in there to pull it back to true.

There is a basic engine but it has no front belts, pulleys or radiator so I elected not to spend much time with it.

Paints used were Model Master Italian Red enamel & Tamiya Red/brown acrylic with a light overlay of oil paint to try to give it a leather look to the seats.

Hope you enjoy it.

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23 responses

  1. Beautiful Al, I know if seen it a couple of times in mid build, but seeing it completed, well the whole is clearly greater than the sum of the parts. Or however that saying goes.
    One small issue...The steering wheel is on the wrong side... ;-p

    • Thanks for the comment. I know you know the steering wheel is on the correct side but if it actually was a mistake, in days past, I could just say the negative got reversed.

  2. Nice Build AL, i remember building this one when i was kid.
    Well Done Mate,


  3. Al, what a beauty! Neat that you still have the box with that great art. I had a couple of those Matchbox kits that I wish I still had (Auto Union Type D, Porsche 917}. And the steering wheel on your Aston IS on the right side!

  4. I love it Al ! You did a great job. I'd love to see it on my slot car track. I don't remember it or the Auto Union, but I think the 917 is still available. Someday i'll dust mine off.

    • Thanks Joe. The kits can be picked up here in the States pretty cheaply at model swap meets. 1/32nd is not a popular auto scale here so there is not a lot of demand for them.

  5. A real blast from the past Al. Very nice work on an old classic.

  6. You've done wonders with that kit, Al, really smart looking, and I agree with Robert, the steering wheel is definitely on the correct (right) side!

  7. What a classic, and a great build.
    .25" warp had to be a disappointment.

    • Thanks Bryan. Thankfully it was not a .25" warp but a .25" plastic bar glued to the belly pan to correct the warp. Luckily I caught it early in the game.

  8. I always knew that the steering wheel on AL's Aston Martin is on the correct side. I was making an inside joke about contest judges with him and I didn't make it that clear that my comment wasn't meant to be taken seriously.
    I apologize to anyone that thought I was making malicious comment to Al.

  9. I can remember buying Matchbox kits years ago, in their 2/3 colour plastic and trench like panel lines but I never built one of their cars.
    And as for the steering wheel, well everybody should know that they belong on the right side... Joking
    Nice job there Al

    • Thank you Simon. These also came in multi-colored plastic but the molding is pretty restrained. This one had two colored sprues, a chrome & a clear.

  10. Al,
    All I am going to say is that this absolutely beautiful and I like it. The more I see of your work the more I am impressed with your skills.

  11. Thank you much Frank. These days I'm just happy to get something done.

  12. Nice clean build of an "eye catcher" classic. I wonder if the Ulster had Lucas electrical system in it like my MG Midget? Hit the horn and the headlights turn off...
    Great job on this classic!

  13. Thanks Mike. Once upon a time I also owned a car in which "The Prince of Darkness" dwelled.

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