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Monogram 1/48th F-101B 444th FIS

November 16, 2013 in Aviation

Here’s a recent build of a classic old Monogram kit, the 1/48th F-101B Voodoo. I finished it in the markings of the 444th FIS Det 1 which was stationed in my hometown of Wilmington, NC between 1966 and 1968. Pretty much an out of the box build with the exception of some cockpit detail and after-market decals. A fine kit to build that had few, if any, problem areas.

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14 responses to Monogram 1/48th F-101B 444th FIS

  1. “…A fine kit to build that had few, if any, problem areas…” – that same thing could be attributed to any of the ‘old’ Monogram Century series offerings. Or probably most any Monogram kit, for that matter. I’m sure we, as modelers, have done them all at some point in our modeling lives. A nice job on this one as well, Jim, albeit I don’t recall seeing anything other than some form of naval aviation from you before. This must be from a while back, huh? At any rate…as I said, a nice job nonetheless.

  2. Excellent workmanship there. Very nice.

    • Thanks Tom, I had photographed a number of Voodoos from the 444th FIS when they had a detachment stationed in Wilmington, NC. It was a touch of nostalgia that led to that build. I mean really, who could resist the Tasmanian Devil ??

  3. An old kit, but a good one, even oob the cockpit is pretty good, every one of those I’ve seen built by a compepent modeler has looked good, yours is excellent.

  4. I do love the voodoo you do to the Voodoo. Superior results Jim!

  5. Jim,
    A beautifully made model of a beautiful airplane. I love your scheme. You did an outstanding job on this.

  6. You guys obviously love these classic Monogram kits, and it looks like you’ve done a classic job with this one, Jim. You can tell that the original, and therefore the model, mean a lot to you.

  7. Very nice, Jim. This kit was recently re-released in the summer wasn’t it? I would like to pick on up to build one day. Belcher Bits in Canada has a decal sheet available with the colours and decals for F-101B’s when they were bought (second-hand, I believe) for Canadian service. You have inspired me to look for the kit again.

  8. great job on the weathering jim

  9. Jim, beautiful job, the weathering is so subtle. Makes me want to do a bit of that to my F-101 from the same kit, but I probably won’t be as pleased with the result! The 101 is a really interesting aircraft. Thanks for posting.

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