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Trumpeter An-2

February 21, 2014 in Aviation

This is Trumpeter’s inexpensive An-2 offering in 1/72nd scale. A little better than the Italeri offering but not by much! Used the kit decals but after along time from completion, a Polish friend of mine pointed out to me that no Polish AF aircraft has roundels on top of the wings. Since I had mixed up the paints, I did not remove them as I would not get a good colour match.

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9 responses to Trumpeter An-2

  1. Very nicely done,the colour scheme is great and I believe a first for this site.

  2. Great build with an unusual scheme. I saw one of these at an air display years ago. They are very big aircraft for a single engine!

  3. Very different Gordon.
    A nice build of an Unusual plane.
    Well done.

  4. Nice clean build of an unusual aircraft.

  5. I like it Gordon ! How did you paint it, and what makes it a little better than the Italeri. I have both, and was just wondering.

  6. Gordon,
    Great job on this very interesting airplane. You have made it look all the better with this unique scheme.

  7. Great job Gordon! Love the paint job!

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